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  1. Laundry
    My daughter put a crayon in the drier and I didnt catch it until after the load ran. It melted and smeared itself into the clothes. Is there anything I could do to get it out or am I doomed...:laundry:
  2. Home Environment
    Is there any hope? We just moved into a new place, and my two year old found a blue crayon and made a pretty picture behind his door. Trying to wipe it off smeared it... Any ideas? P.S. New here! :) Hi!!
  3. Just Tips
    use hairspray... spray on top of crayon, use damp rag to remove. don't use on wallpapered walls. otherwise wd-40 on wallpapered walls. :)
  4. Just Tips
    Ive read alot of diff tips on how to remove melted crayons off of fabric car seats...most using WD-40 which works well but also ive read...WD-40 is a volatile chemical, remaining in the seat fabric, and increasing its flammability...dunno if that is true but sounds scary...anyone ever actually...
  5. Secondhand Shopping
    ~I found a Crayola crayon maker at a yard sale today for $.25! It was missing the starter crayons and labels but in was never used, still in the box. It runs on a light bulb and it still had the cardboard insert where the bulb should be. DH picked up a bulb($.65)while he was out today. DS and I...
  6. Just Tips
    On fabric, try spraying a little bit of WD40 onto the spot and dab until clean with a rag. Then you should wash the area with liquid dishwashing soap and water. Repeat as needed and make sure you do not put the item in the dryer until you are sure the crayon stain is gone. You can also try WD40...
  7. Freebies
    Firesticks is the original Fluorescent Crayon used with the first grade mark reader pioneered for Weyerhaeuser. To request crayon samples or product information, please fill out this form. If you prefer you may print the form and mail or fax it to: Firesticks P.O. Box 331 Creswell, OR 97426...
  8. Home Environment
    DD is loving her crayons and paper these days-- she wants to "write" all the time.  Well, you all know where this is headed--- yes, writing on things besides her paper.  :rolleyes: A friend suggested a I try a baking soda paste, and it worked like a charm!  The black crayon marks all over DD's...
  9. Quilting This is just so beautiful. It looks so easy and children do these blocks too.
  10. Family
    ate one of sissy's crayons!!! lol! (sorry it isn't real clear, he wouldn't stop moving!);) ;)
  11. Home Decorating
    This is so cute for a kids' room.....
  12. Crafts for kids
    This is a neat idea!
  13. Home Environment
    Last week dss colored on my front porch, a friend suggested a little WD40, put it on and it wiped right off-like magic!
  14. Just Tips
    I have taken old broken crayons and made homemade crayon molds, but you can wrap them with mailing tape to prevent them from breaking. Carrie
1-14 of 14 Results