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  1. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Found out yesterday Buddy needs colored pencils for algebra :shrug2:well okay and the 24 pack. Every store was out of the 24 pack of colored pencils except I found a package at Walgreens but not in the school supply section (they were out there too) but the regular office supply section.:clap...
  2. Laundry
    came home from church tonight. Had to take the boy to play practice. DH said he had something to show me. He showed me the pink dryer! He then said he has been up since 4 and he just couldnt handle it tonight sooooo I have been working for 3 hours to get the crayon out of the dryer and let...
  3. Crockpot
    A Year of Crockpotting blog has a cute "recipe" today on how to make crayons in your crockpot. If my kids were little, we'd be trying it out :) :)
  4. Freebies free coupon for 4 pack of playdoh or 24 pack of crayola crayons. You can access it only once.
  5. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Crayola 24-packs of crayons were on special for 9 cents this week at my store! I never shop at Office Depot, but it was worth it for this sale. The limit is 5 per customer, but the regular price of these crayons is around 1.69 at a grocery store where we live! So for the price of one box...
  6. Make It Yourself
    Homemade Soap Crayons Ingredients: 1 c Soap flakes Food colouring 2 tb Hot water Have one large bowl and several small bowls, one for each color. You will also need an ice cube tray with different sections, or containers to act as small molds. Put soap flakes in a large bowl and drop the...
  7. Just Tips
    Not sure of where to post this, but what do you guys do with old crayons? These are good ones, and I have over an ice cream bucket full. I've made crayon cookies with the small bits and pieces, but these are like brand new. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Frugal Living
    I found this neat idea for making a frugal gift for small children. COOL CRAYONS Those broken bits of crayons the kids bring home from school can be salvaged quite easily by making larger crayons in candy molds. Melt the crayons from the same color family .... all yellows, blues, greens, etc...
  9. Family
    Soap Crayons -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 3/4 C Ivory Snow Flakes 1/4 C Water 50 Drops Food coloring Mix all ingredients. Shape and let harden. (Can be put in ice cube tray to harden) Can be used in the tub.
  10. Hobbies
    Recycle those broken crayons in time for the holidays. Great additional gift for the kids. Just melt and pop into some molds. I have a bunch and am definitely doing this soon. Sara
1-10 of 10 Results