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  1. General Chat
    This I went to a fashion show at my daughters' school where the kids modeled (up a walkway or whatever it's called) different, high to medium-end store's current summer lines. Both my girls modeled and were SO cute!! The evening was very nice and so organized and well-run. Afterwards there...
  2. Relationships
    He's been out of work two months and he's driving me nuts. :( I'm not sure if it's this whole anxiety thing, but him being around the house all of the time is starting to wear on my last nerve. I come home to find him watching parody videos on YouTube and in my head, he should be out handing...
  3. Dave Ramsey
    i have almost an entire garage FULL of stuff for a garage sale this spring (yes, really). we had multiple deaths in the family, inherited their stuff, and then on top of it, PURGED our own house last summer. there is so much stuff... so that's coming up hopefully late next month. i figure it...
  4. Quilting
    Any suggestions on how to launder an old crazy quilt?
  5. General Chat
    Ok so I ended up with a small amount of extra $ this week. I also know that gas prices and grocery prices are rising. There was a sale at CVS on TP and paper towel so I got 3 cart fulls which is enough to last us about 6 months. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. I explained:" the gas...
  6. General Chat
    Ever have somebody that you love, but they drive you crazy? Argh.... We love to entertain, and we invite lots of folks to our home. They all seem to have a good time and to be comfy, and to be glad to come back when invited again. And they invite us to their homes, too. It's a happy...
  7. Question and Answer
    Please tell me is this rational or am I just nuts to even debate doing this. I'm currently in Southern Texas, house is mortgaged and we have 24 years left on the note. Due to a radical change in finances we are BARELY making it here - and it's not going to get better. We can try to tough it...
  8. Home Environment
    This is for the teens of course. (would be nice if I could pull it off with dh? heh) Kitchen: Your mom does work here, but not after dinner hours. So please clean up when you decide to make scrambled eggs, mac and cheese, and whatever you didn't think I would notice. Notice how spotless the...
  9. Pregnancy
    But I'm pregnant again! Exciting, scary, but we have 9 months to figure it all out. Gavin will only be 13 months old when this one is born. Anyone have advice for having kids so close?
  10. General Chat
    Have you guys ever had a dream where someone does something to make you sad or angry, and you wake up still feeling like that? I had one of those last night. In my dream, my husband came home from somewhere with a new car and a girlfriend. At first the car was a BMW, then I think it became a...
  11. General Chat
    OMG I am sooo hot my thermostat does not read any higher and it reads to about 95F!!!! I don't have AC, it is almost midnight and still about 103F outside with the humidity! I have six fans going, water all over the place for the pets. DD just feel asleep about 40mins ago. I go in and spritz her...
  12. General Chat
  13. General Chat
    If it's May, why am I still chilly? Why am I stil putting sheets on my tomatoes to protect from frost? It's been a crazy weather year..... again.... Any crazy weather in your neck of the woods?
  14. Sewing
    i work with a group of about 5 6-10 year olds at my church (for 3 sundays out of the months it's the 6-10 year olds and then 1 sunday all the kids are together) for our next unit i want to do a quilting unit. i want to read stories about quilting and quilts and relate it to what the bible says...
  15. Dave Ramsey
    My friends have been commenting over the last month and a half about all the things I have listed and sold recently on facebook/craigslist etc. They ask WHY am I selling this or that, and say I am crazy, well they are right, I am crazy, crazy focused about getting my butt out of debt! Sold my...
  16. Frugal Living
    Yesterday I saw a couple that made me do a double take: * Zuchini $2.79 per pound :huh: * tomatoes $2.99 per pound
  17. Frugal Living
    Ours has risen in price by .21 in 2 days.Yesterday they raised it from 2.98 to 3.09 a its 3.19. I know that its higher in other parts of the country & Dutchie, I read your post about what you're paying now -wow. I have never seen the prices jump so much in such a short time.
  18. Pets
    Does your pet do anything that you really can not figure out what it is happening. My one cat will be sleeping and all of a sudden wake up and start yelling then immediately run over to me and jump on my lap. I can't help but wonder if she had a bad dream.
  19. Relationships
    My sister is full on crazy. She is divorced and lives with my nephew who is 19. I think my nephew walks all over her and she lets him do so. She is really struggling to pay her bills, and went out and got a loan through the credit union at work to get him a car he insisted on having, after he...
  20. Home Decorating
    these are just crazy thoughts that i am not going to spend money on. i am divorced 3 years now. I love my pencil post bed, but it's too big for one person and two cats. takes up too much space in the bedroom. i have been longing for a full size bed. anyone want to trade a queen size bed...
1-20 of 138 Results