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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello fellow Frugal Village members! Stephanie here from San Diego! I discovered this forum and having browsed it for quite some time, thought I'd join! I love sharing ideas on the different ways of frugal living and especially personal finance and credit based matters.💲💳 Money matters to...
  2. Success Stories
    Just made the last payment on my Advanta card!!! It was one that had a fixed monthly payment plan. I do have one card - an Orchard bank with a $300 limit. I use that for online purchases and pay that off every week. I figure that since I don't pay interest on it and have the money to pay it...
  3. General Chat
    :nrant: so just by accident I found that my low interest rate cc of 9.99% was now 17.90% and the cash adv was 15.10%. was fussing my budget and just happened to see the change- normally I pay/view bill online and never open the bill when I get it. so I called about it and the wonderful...
  4. General Chat
    So this is how we do things around here. Dh pays all the major bills and deals with the finances (hey, I have enough to keep me busy). I have a credit card that I use for all purchases household related, consumables (food, cleaning, hba's, etc). I spend, he out great. - lol...
  5. General Chat
    Something that has never happened before...... happened today.We went to pull money out of our account this afternoon and was told that the credit union would only allow everyone to pull out a limit of $1000. This credit union has a few other branches and some of them were limiting their...
  6. General Chat
    I am hoping the smart people here can help me look at all the angles on an upcoming decision. I will be buying a home and need to think about where to get my mortgage. My financial house is in order and I am buying well within my means, so getting the mortgage is not a significant hurdle. I...
  7. Freebies
    just did mine, it's a snap, make sure your already logged into your amazon account, makes things so easy that way. Amazon is offering a $10 Kindle Textbook Credit. Just enter the code ETXTBOOK. This offer is valid from December 30, 2011, through January 9, 2012, and subject to change. You must...
  8. Success Stories
    Well call it an early New Year's present to my family but I did it! I paid off our credit card balance IN FULL today! So New Year's Goal #1 has been ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!! :hurray: Now on to snowballing that payment into the next item on the list!
  9. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    We gave up credit cards about 6 years ago after we got into some financial trouble with them. We have been able to always meet our expenses without since them and would rather not get another one, but found ourselves in a bit of a predicament this weekend. We travel quite a bit for our...
  10. General Chat
    Just heard on the news credit card sales up 7% for black Friday. here we go again buying stupid gifts that we can't afford. How many Tv's, iphones, ipads, etc. can a person have? the general public just doesn't get it.
  11. Dave Ramsey
    Does DR advocate canceling the credit cards/having no credit cards at all? My sister-in-law was wondering if she should cancel hers. She doesn't carry a CC balance but spends it up too much during the month sometimes and wants to go all cash. So she put the card in an inconvenient place but she...
  12. Success Stories
    We paid and closed all credit cards this month!!! We had close to $3,000.00 in CC bills and we worked hard this month and got rid of them. We will live by cash only from here on out. Love being CC free. Next step is paying off my car and that will take us one year to complete.
  13. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I'm tired of doing the credit card bounce and we'd like to consolidate our debt to one place. We currently owe approximately $27 K. One of our banks will give us a secured line of credit for this amount at prime +1% (now at 4%). It will require a $150 setup fee + interest only monthly...
  14. Success Stories
    I'm usually just a lurker on these boards, but today I took a big step in my frugal lifestyle journey that I just had to share. I closed my one and only credit card account! :clap: My story is pretty typical. I got the card at the urging of my parents when I first left for college, for...
  15. Question and Answer
    How long does it take for a return to show up on a credit card? I returned two things on Monday morning and it's now 2 days later and still nothing. I'm new to the whole credit card thing.
  16. Freebies
    Enter the code FALLMP3S to get a $2 credit good at the Amazon MP3 store. This code will only be good for a limited time. US only. MP3 Downloads: Amazon MP3 Gift Card and Promotion Code Redemption Center
  17. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    About 2 months ago i got a Discover Card. I don't like being too spread out so i cancelled my MAster Card after i paid it off. My question is , Does cancelling a credit card affect your credit score? I've been told it does, but how much ? Is you FICO score THAT important ??
  18. General Chat
    Do I just phone and close the account? I just do not want the temptation of carrying it around anymore. TIA! Janine
  19. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Hello, I'm not sure if anyone can give me some advice, but here is my questions.......We are wanting to buy a house next year - October/November range. We have bad credit right now around 600. It is bad because of unemployment and dr bills - collections. We should have all of the...
  20. General Chat
    In early 2006, my step father had an accident at work. He was an independant contractor, so all the medical bills came to us to pay. Mom and I have spent all of our life living without his paychecks, but he had at least taken care of some of his own personal expenses. Now everything was to...
1-20 of 464 Results