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  1. Pets
    Attaching pictures of my pets, listed in my signature. Just for fun.
  2. General Chat
    Pretty exciting. That whole story was amazing and I can't wait to hear the captian share with us the whole story. I don't think he was on the air force plane that just landed though. Ha, one had a famous beer Kenya tee shirt on. heh. The Navy Seals did a great job. I am glad Obama ordered it.
  3. Freebies
    The COFFEE-MATE Brew Crew is an elite team of COFFEE-MATE fans who help spread the word about COFFEE-MATE and provide feedback on COFFEE-MATE products, promotions and marketing efforts to COFFEE-MATE’s marketing team. In exchange, COFFEE-MATE Brew Crew members can receive promotional items...
  4. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    This is pretty neat. I love the way it is set-up. Even got me a website. ;)
1-4 of 4 Results