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  1. General Chat
    With the economy so bad has crime gotten worse in your area. It has here. Seems like it has here. We are having a big problem in our county with prescription drug abuse and meth as well as a lot of stealing. Times are bad enough for everybody and then you have thieves stealing what you have to...
  2. General Chat
    I live in a small town,only 2 police officers. But i have been reading the big newspaper about crimes thats going on.Its getting bad. I dont even go to the large town any more by myself.People are getting knocked in the head for groceries. Oh my gosh just cant grasp the thought of someone...
  3. General Chat
    I don't know where would be an appropriate place to post this, but I wanted to share it. This just left me dumbfounded. Think of all the implications this research can have on the way we see crime and punishment.
  4. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Well not here in Montgomery. I know most people think people in the south are pretty laid back, backwards and stupid. BUT HAH, We FOOLED YOU. This weekend i am proud to declare our city has declared a NO CRIME WEEKEND. YEP. There is a resolutions and there will be danceing in the streets...
  5. Freebies
    Send us your best Crime Scene tip, Police Technique or Crime Scene Investigation Idea and if it is chosen for inclusion on our Tips for Crime Scene Investigators page, we'll send you a free Inova Microlight. Click here to email us your Crime Scene Tip [email protected]
  6. General Chat
    Hi my name is Dee and I am a crime show junkie! :laugh: Yep, I am. lol I love CSI the best, but watch just about all of them. It's great for me too, because lately I can't sleep at night and they are all on. :) I love the forensic portion of CSI, it's like putting a puzzle together. I find it...
  7. Leisure & Media Arts
    I enjoy watching forensic and true crime shows and shows like NYPD Blue. There's a new show on called Boomtown. Here's some info:
  8. Leisure & Media Arts
    Ann Rule is my favorite true crime author, but I've read everything she's written. Anyone have recommendations for other true crime writers? Thanks! :)
  9. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    What is your opinion of the California Airport shooting. It was an Egyptian Male, in hte USA on a green card Had a bumper sticker on his door... "Read the Koran" Attacked possible Isreali Citizens I would not consider him a terrorist... more likely to call him guilty of Hate Crime What do...
1-9 of 9 Results