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  1. Needle Arts
    Attention Missouri Needlecrafters!!! Shamrock Cross Stitch in Manchester MO (near St. Louis) is closing its doors on October 6th. Everything in store is 30% off till the closing with many things discounted further than that. Thought I'd share the news! Not affiliated with them, but a long...
  2. Needle Arts
    I see alot of knitters on here. Does anyone cross stitch? I wanted to share what I am working on right now and would love to see other people projects. Thanks Dawn
  3. Needle Arts
    Hello! Over the holidays I decided to go through all of my unfinished projects. Lo and behold, I have guite a few cross-stitch projects that are started or half-finished. There are also a few needlepoint and a couple of embroidery projects that also need finishing. Cross-stitch: -Carousel...
  4. Needle Arts
    You need to register, but it's free! Once you are registered you can view amny free patterns and they even have visual instructions to teach differents stitches with *Stitch Animations*. I found it very helpful. :)
  5. Needle Arts I found it was colorful....:)
  6. Needle Arts
    Here are links for many cross-stitch patterns.:)
  7. Home Environment
    Okay ladies, once again, I need some help. When dd was born, one of my best friend did an alphabet cross-stitch for her. Unfortunately, we moved right after having dd and the cross-stitch got put away somewhere and I just unearthed it again. I want to have it framed as we are turning her room...
  8. Needle Arts
    Variety of Christmas patterns... Christmas Cardinal... Christmas Angels... Christmas Trumpets...