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  1. General Chat
    It's a four cup fryer and is the size of a lego.. I'm affraid to use it. :jabber:
  2. General Chat
    :crackup: The nursery down the street is selling off it's business. Which includes the nursery itself AND a second business that is empty. It would make a great coffee shop, craft consignment store, thrift type store, bakery, etc etc etc. They want 165,000 (maybe less!!!) for the whole...
  3. General Chat
    I just got the call. He just closed his eyes and went to heaven.
  4. Family
    They moved him to a rehab center today. They are going to do physical therapy there to teach him how to walk again. He is back mentally. I talked to him and he knew who I was and answered everything I asked him correctly. He should be able to go home next week. They said it was a stroke and from...
  5. Family
    Daddy isn't doing so good. He can talk but doesn't talk much, he responds but doesn't seem to understand, he can't walk, he has pneumonia in one lung, low blood pressure and low magnesium, and a sinus infection. They are giving him antibiotics and going to start speech and physical therapy on...
  6. General Chat
    Tonight was Katie's school Daddy Daughter dance. Here are a couple of pictures of the couple before they left. And the other 2 are of my littlest monkey Amanda. Dh got a Longhorn gift card for Christmas and was taking Katie to dinner too.
  7. Family
    I am very upset right now. I found out that my daddy may have had a stroke. He and my mama are both 88 years old. She got up this morning made his breakfast, he didn't come when she called him. She went to check on him and his head was laid back and his mouth was wide open. He wouldn't respond...
  8. Religion
    Daddy Is Driving A speaker (Dr. Wan) has once shared his experience: While his family and he were in Europe, there was once that they need to drive 3 days continuously, day and night, to get to Germany. So, they all got into the car -- he, his wife, and his 3 years old daughter. His little...
  9. General Chat
    I've been pretty blue lately - maybe just more melancholy... I was reminiscing about my Daddy & things we did together and some things just stick out more than others....anyone remember these... ice cream cups with the wooden stick "spoon" pop bottle tops you actually had to pop off oatmeal...
  10. Pumpkin
    we took the pumpkin camping last weekend and they carved it.;)
  11. Leisure & Media Arts
    Two thumbs up for this movie. Its a great movie for the whole family with lots of laughs and a total change in Eddie Murphy's style of movie. A great movie that would probably not be a movie one would want to spend their $$ on to see at a theatre. But renting it and watching with the...
  12. Pets
    Dave brought Tyler a surprise when he came home last night. ;) His parents' neighbor was trying to get rid of kittens so hr got one for Tyler. Its so cute and playful. Its about 6-8 weeks old. Here it is not wanting to be held. :laugh: I'll try to get a better picture of it later... it doesn't...
1-12 of 13 Results