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  1. Simple Living
    sunshine babes ok coffee warmer temps everything green and clean grace
  2. Simple Living
    Happy Mothers Day its Sunday my loving son sunshine furbabies all ok limeade grace
  3. Simple Living
    its Sat. coffee much needed rain heat to warm the house babes ok grace and blessings
  4. Simple Living
    its finally Friday made it thru the week, ugh coffee babes ok grace
  5. Simple Living
    married 32 years today special lunch today coffee on the deck w/ the boys giant yellow butterflies blooming flowers work grace
  6. Simple Living
    sunshine cooler temps everythings green & clean after the rain babes ok hot cup of coffee work feeling better grace
  7. Simple Living
    getting some much needed rain feels like spring temps cooled off, was getting too hot babes ok coffee grace
  8. Homesteading and gardening
    7 May 2012 Daily Food 7 May 2012 Daily Food Attempting to avoid the commercial prepared food industry as much as possible, over time I have chosen and prepared basic foods, which are palatable, nutritional, easy to prepare,simple,and readily available.The choices are not embedded in stone. I am...
  9. Simple Living
    its Sunday feeling better slept most of the day snowball bush covered in blooms babes ok hot fresh cup of coffee grace
  10. Simple Living
    its Saturday cooler weather super moon baby birds coffee babes ok grace
  11. Simple Living
    sunshine babes all ok blooming snowball bush poppies work grace
  12. Simple Living
    its almost the weekend coffee on the deck w/ the boys sunshine rain last night work beautiful yellow butterflies grace
  13. Simple Living
    sunshine furbabies butterflies & birds work bills are paid grace
  14. Simple Living
    a brand new month may's the month of flowers sunshine coffee paid bills washing machine babes all ok grace
  15. Simple Living
    April was a beautiful month coffee furbabes ok yard looking good smell of blooming flowers butterflies and bees grace
  16. Simple Living
    Its Sunday sunshine coffee on the deck babes all ok working in the yard grace
  17. Simple Living
    sunshine coffee furbabies all ok boo gone 4 years today, still miss you, badly paid bills the weekend grace
  18. Simple Living
    Its Friday!! got some much needed rain no tornados or hail coffee babes all ok heats still off grace
  19. Simple Living
    almost the weekend sunshine coffee work line dried sheets & blankets open windows grace
1-20 of 500 Results