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  1. Family
    He took today like a champ! They not only did one, but both eyes at the same time. He was in for about an hour and a half, came out with some pain that they gave him Codeine for, but was perfectly fine before he was discharged. He has some red eyes, discharge, etc but they gave him ointment and...
  2. News you can use (NaturalNews) A pair of North Dakota hemp farmers have filed suit in the U.S. Court of Appeals to overturn a federal ban on the production of commercial hemp. North Dakota is the only state that allows the cultivation of industrial hemp, and the state...
  3. Freebies Statewide Brochure Kit Pick up the trail of America's greatest legends in North Dakota. Whether you choose to follow legendary trails of Lewis &...
  4. Pets of yesterday, Asia & Dakota are fixed - imagine my relief that Asia wasn't pregnant when it was done:) We still have a steep hill to climb - After the first round of dips for red mange, Dakota was healing up & his fur was growing back in- everyone thought it was over. But the dummy...
  5. Midwest Pals
    I am in Eastern South Dakota. Anyone else??
  6. Pets
    Dakota( Siberian Husky) has been losing the fur around his mouth-then today I noticed that he's losing it under his eyes and his neck. I KNEW that I couldn't treat this myself & took him to the vet. The vet told me that he has red mange. I have been raised around dogs my whole life and this is...
  7. General Chat
    My Dh and I *may* have the chance to move to North Dakota (possible work opportunity). It wouldn't be for about 8 or 9? months, but we're just thinking we should find out some basics before we get too into the idea (IF it even becomes possible). (It could be Minot, Grand Forks, Bismarck, or...
  8. Freebies
    Dakota Flax Gold Seed Sample :gfish:
  9. Family
    A while back I had posted about Dakota winning 3rd place in the UIL Art competition. Tonight we have to go to the school board meeting and they are going to present him with a resolution. I am so proud of him. He worked hard for it....even though they only had a short time period in which to...
  10. Family
    He finally found out that he placed third in the UIL (University Interscholastic League) art contest. I thought he did great considering the short amount of time they had to study and the depth of the test. He is in 4th grade and they were competing against other schools. They were shown a...
  11. General Chat
    We were at HEB yesterday and just happen to walk upon "Santa".
  12. Midwest Pals
    How many of us are from windy windy ND? :)
1-12 of 12 Results