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  1. Green Living
    A little something for those of us who harvest these little buggers. This is an excerpt from a book called Medicine From the Mountains: Medicinal Plants of the Sierra Nevada: History and Modern Usage: Dandelion is both a cholagogue and a choleretic. That is, it stimulates the liver's...
  2. Green Living
  3. Homesteading and gardening
    Dandelions are: *rich in potassium and contain more vitamin A than carrots and twice as much spinach. *contain more protein, fiber, calcium, as well as potassium and vitamin A, than any other green. And lots of iron, too. *beneficial for urinary tract problems, cystitis and to...
  4. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    Dandelion Jelly 1 qt. dandelion flowers 1 qt. water 1 tsp. lemon juice 1 box Sure-Jell Cook together for 3 minutes the flowers and water. Strain and save juice. Follow directions on Sure-Jell box using dandelion water. Bring to a boil, then add 4 1/2 cups sugar and lemon juice...
1-4 of 4 Results