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  1. General Chat
    So here I DS15 has a girlfriend. I honestly think its great. His attitude is a bit different since he starting talking to her. For the better....heres MY issue. I don't have money to hand over to these kids every weekend. If its not DS16 wanting to go to dinner or something with his...
  2. General Chat
    After I filed my return on 1/24 and was able to see my deposit date on the IRS website it said it would go in my bank on 2/8. Then a couple days later it revised to 2/7. I just checked it today as I was checking the status of my son's return and it has now updated my return to deposit on 2/1...
  3. General Chat
    You could get netflix streaming for 8 dollars a month... Make it a movie night! One person can't even go to the movies for 8 dollars! :)
  4. Support
    Hi just wanted to update on family stuff. Grandmas doctor has increased her pain meds to 3, 10mgs of loratab and 2 perksettes. along with her LIBERIUM and 2 paxil a day. She is having problems with her sugar going extremely high to very low. Also her blood pressure is doing the same thing. So...
  5. Dave Ramsey
    We have been seriously 'snowballing' for 1 year. 7/1/10 I got serious and sat down and wrote all our debts in a notebook, began tracking our 'extra' payments each month, re-did the tally every 6 months. We began with $27,000+ consumer/business debt (not counting the mortgage, of course). We have...
  6. General Chat
    Rapture...... Octorber 21,2011. Is is 5 months. So you all have time to get ready. Fern
  7. Homesteading and gardening
    26 April 2011 Tomato Plant Growth to date. 26 April 2011 Tomato Plant Growth to date. The tomato plants are doing well. They may have to be placed in larger pots, since they cannot be placed in the ground until about 26 of May. The new Greenhouse is serving me well. Transplanting Tomato Plants...
  8. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I was thinking i might pay off cc and last hospital bill this month but today i just sent in an extra amount to each one got them down to less then $1000. for both of them so if nothing drastic happen will be paying them both off first May i just didn't want take a chance something happening and...
  9. Single Moms
    man, its a rough world out there. I've been dating a guy for over a year now and I still don't consider him my boyfriend. I don't have time for a boyfriend BUT on occasion I do like to go out now and then and have a little fun. Trying to find the time to actually go out has been more than...
  10. Frugal Living
    I've been monitoring the daily deals posted on Living Social and Groupon pretty closely the past few weeks. I was able to purchase a $25 dollar giftcard to a local Mexican restaraunt for $10 on Groupon. Today's Living Social Deal was $9 for two movie tickets through Fandango. Because a few...
  11. Health and beauty
    Finally, I have a date for my sinus surgery. It is scheduled for February 24. I can't wait until I can breath in and out of my nose again. I can't wait to smell the spring flowers. I can't wait until I can go just one day without a throbbing headache. Cat
  12. General Chat
    These should be good and fun too. (I'll be posting mine later when I have more time.)
  13. General Chat
    Okay, lets hear about the best dates you have had. (I don't have enough time to write about mine right now.. so I'll be posting again later.)
  14. Relationships
    yep really. It's been about 2 years and we get to go out on a date on Friday!! I am sooooooo excited. Our boys are going to a lock in night at church and we got a babysitter for our daughter.... you don't get it - we NEVER get to go out. Our ADHD son makes it impossible to get anyone to...
  15. Mid-Atlantic Pals
    Last year, Ceashels and I looked into holding an FV gathering, but it never came to fruition. This year, we'd like to try again. We need to set a date, however, and estimate the # of attendees, because that will determine the pavillion costs. SO - August, 2010 - pick the date that works best...
  16. General Chat
    My husband is officially the most romantic person I know. We have been trying to be extra frugal lately and he suprised me with the most romantic frugal date this evening. We have a DVD player in our car (which usually is on a continual Spongebob/Thomas the Tank Engine Loop), so unknown to me...
  17. General Chat
    It's raining, pouring, monsooning outside, so Hubby suggested that we just dare the rain and go out on a wild hair. So I grabbed my jacket and bumbershoot and off we went. I never know where a wild hair will lead us. It led us to Long John Silver's for a dollar sandwich and a glass of water...
  18. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I had to change my start date to September 15, 2009 with my CCS, I let Bank of America bully me. In any event this is my new date. I want to be honest with board or there is no need of posting if we are not truthful !! This is my date and nothing is going to make me miss this date.. Also, my...
  19. General Chat
    I was born August 8, 1978 at 11:58 p.m. Princess Beatrice was born 10 years later on the same day. Feel free to share any interesting stories about your birth or about the date if you know any.
  20. Kitchen Basics
    I was organizing my pantry and found three cans of tomato soup that have a use by date of March of 2008. My first inclination is to use them sooner rather than latter, since the cans are in good condition. No rust, no dents or bulges. What do you all think?
1-20 of 81 Results