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  1. Dave Ramsey
    Just thought I'd share this: Homeschool Buyers Co-op (.org) currently has an offer on the school curriculum and several of his packages (example: the Starter Special is usually $49; through the co-op it is $36.95). There is a $1.95 service fee added (plus DR's normal $5.00 shipping), and your...
  2. Dave Ramsey
    In Dave Ramsey's book "Total Money Makeover" he says something like: "According to a USA Today study on people 65 years old, 97% can’t write a check for $600, 54% are still working, and just 3% are financially secure." (p. 154) I'm looking for the source of that information, meaning the actual...
  3. Dave Ramsey
    There use to be a message board for Dave Ramsey followers, it wasn't Dave Ramseys, just members who created the board...does anyone have this website? I use to be a member. I figure between frugal village and there I can get back on track with my budgeting and frugal living. Thanks :)
  4. Envelope system
    I saw that there is a sale on some of Dave Ramsey's products at his webstie with something like $4.95 shipping. Does anyone know if there is something similar out there for a lower price? Or have you just created your own system? Thanks!
  5. Dave Ramsey
    Has started go and sign up daily! Dave Ramsey Homepage - :cheergrl:
  6. Dave Ramsey
    This is something I have never heard Dave talk about: Medicaid. I have a disability and have been on Medicaid for several years. It has been a blessing in that it covers any surgeries I need or treatments totally. Problem is I can only have so much in the bank and have no other assets or have...
  7. Dave Ramsey
    We have followed the DR plan for years now and have always loved it and him. Lately though, I have been listening to his radio show a lot. I work from home and listen live and to the archives for several hours a day. I am getting so annoyed by him! First of all, it seems that half of the...
  8. Dave Ramsey
    We are looking at owing this year mostly due to my business income. We can not itemize our personal expenses. I am playing around with some numbers, and we can shave $1500 off our tax bill by investing 5k each into an IRA, bringing the amount owed way, way down. (We can also play around w/ these...
  9. Dave Ramsey
    I am new to Dave Ramsey and am working on setting up my monthly budget. I have the financal peace personal software and input my income before taxes. Now when I go to input expenses, I don't see where to account for what I pay in taxes. I can add this as a category but knowing this is a...
  10. Dave Ramsey
    What are some differences between Dave and Suze Orman? I remember listening to him on the radio a while back while I was on a long drive and appreciated a lot of the things he has to say and his enthusiasm, then Laura Ingram came on after him and I realized I had the radio on a Fox station. Not...
  11. Sweeps and Online Contests
    Dave Ramsey dot com, $1k everyday for the month to fund baby emergency fund or whatever else you need it for!
  12. Dave Ramsey
    My friend is getting married in Oct, she and her fiance rent a house from her Dad, her 6 yo child lives with them. They have been together 5+ years.Fiance makes WAY more $, but they split things down the middle, keep finances separate. This makes it VERY hard for her with a child to support and...
  13. Dave Ramsey
    What is the name of Dave's new book? I remember seeing a pre-order sale, but now I can't find it. Did anyone listen to last Friday's show? Loved the talk about interviewing and taking the spouse to dinner to make sure she's not nuts. lol this is going to be a great book!
  14. Dave Ramsey
    $10 Books, CDs, DVDs, Software, and More Enjoy
  15. Dave Ramsey
    Hello there :grnwave: New to the forum and to Dave Ramsey. Listening to his audio book and I can't press stop! My husband and I have 2 kids (6.5yo son, 2mo daughter) and live in a 550sqft apartment house on my inlaws' property (they're our "landlords"). Currently neither myself or DH is...
  16. Dave Ramsey
    I haven't read the book or taken the class yet, so this may be addressed somewhere else too . . . If I have $2000 this month that I can put towards the "project", what are the thoughts on having a baby emergency fund of $1000 and putting the extra $1000 towards snowballing versus having a...
  17. Dave Ramsey
    Military classes, specifically. There's none up here. I've emailed them about possibly getting one up here and they didn't get back to me. =/ Does anyone know how you set something like this up? What kind of cost would be involved? There's a lot of talk around here about getting finances in...
  18. Dave Ramsey
    Well, another awesome Live event! Third time going and still just as fun and amazing! This time was actually even better! Dave's message was so timeless and true. I really enjoyed meeting his daughter, Rachel, and hearing her story when she went onstage before Dave. She is such a...
  19. Dave Ramsey
    Well, we have reluctantly decided to throw some dynamite in the river to get rid of the log jam to get rid of the last part of BS2 and get some way up BS3 but it is a miserable day today, but I'm sure when we fly from Scotland to Tennessee to celebrate completing BS6 it will be worthwhile...
1-20 of 162 Results