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  1. Relationships
    After DBoyfriend deciding he wanted to break up with DD18 this past Tuesday, Friday rolled around and he decided he missed her. She was so upset about the break up. I knew she would take him back. I do like him, but once the initial impact of the break up was over, I was hoping they would...
  2. Relationships
    It was a very emotional time at our house last night. DD18's DBoyfriend of 2 years broke up with her. They broke up about 6 months ago and got back together after a few weeks. She is so crazy about this guy. It is not going to be an easy time. She has had so many things go wrong for her...
  3. Support
    Please pray that she does well on this test. This is not her best subject and she is not a good test taker. She gets so nervous and stressed out about any type of test. On Tuesday, her Professor was supposed to hand out a work sheet and go over things for the test. The Professor had to...
  4. General Chat
    For those of you that helped us out on the English paper... she got it back yesterday... with her grade... she got a C. She said there were no As or Bs in the class. So... I suppose a C was good. This professor must be very tough. Thanks again for helping!
  5. Relationships
    Ok, the moment I have been dreading. She has been 'going with' this boy for about a year and a half. At this moment in time, they are both getting on each others nerves. She is very emotional. I don't think I am being much help. I am just listening and not giving too much advice. Anything...
  6. Support
    She registered late. Didn't get the best times for her classes. Has been dropping and adding classes to get a better schedule. Parking is crazy. You have to be about an hour early for classes to find a spot. She added the English class after the first day and missed the reading assignment. They...
  7. Support
    Please say a prayer for DD18. Today is her first day attending her college classes. She is nervous. So am I.
1-7 of 7 Results