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  1. Support
    She had lung cancer and had been very ill for a long time. I'm so relieved it's over for her and her children but I'll miss her. She was a very jolly soul and always made us all laugh when we saw her. Rest easy Aunt Joyce.
  2. Family
    Could I ask for some prayers and good thoughts to go his way? He's 77 and has several other health problems (including heart trouble). He's been suffering for about a week and if all goes according to plan he'll be having the stone removed (fingers crossed for the not so invasive technique to...
  3. Pets
    and the two were great friends. Dad's Lady was older when he got her and she had a few "character flaws" like she was almost everything that you can think of that makes some people not like poodles. She was high strung, barked a lot, demanding (!), smart, didn't like to be outside much, etc... ...
  4. Support
    My ddad just found out he has a 2 cm tumor on one of his kidneys. The good news it that it looks like it has been caught early and contained. The CT showed his lymph nodes looking good. He is scheduled for surgery next Monday. I was just out to see him last month and all this has come up...
1-4 of 4 Results