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    We stopped at Good Will to grab a costurme for the church Christmas play (she plays a peasant) and she tried on tons of skirts, jeans, pants, and blouses. . . . some were really cute. We ended up buying: one pair of jeans 3 blouses 6 skirts 2 videos movies set of champagne glasses to use for...
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    With Braces. . . And without! IMG] The orthodontist made a big production of taking them off! Started with music playing as they took her back to the chair (played "Celebrate!") The entire office staff clapping. . . a huge myalar balloon...
  4. Kids birthdays Then click on the link for her birthday. Her actual birthday is Sunday, but I have to work, so we celebrated today. Her boyfriend's birthday was Wednesday- so he got a celebration too.
1-4 of 4 Results