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  1. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I have found myself in credit card debit. It is making monthly living VERY difficult. I know I shouldn't have EVER got these dang cards but here I am...turning to anyone with some experience. I need to pay these cards off ASAP!! Our reoccurring monthly bills come to a grand total of $2251...
  2. Money challenges
    I am going to have a garage/yard sale in May and add everything we make to paying off a debt. My plan 1-go through all our rooms/closets and decide what we can live without. (So far I have 5 bags of stuff from 2 closets) 2-price it as I set it aside so I am not going crazy the day of the sale...
  3. Money challenges
    A few months ago, I had asked about starting a monthly debt reduction thread, which we did and there were a lot of responses. Needless to say, it kinda went away! I take complete responsibility for letting it slack and I am ready to get back on with it again. Does anyone want to join me for...
  4. Money challenges
    New year, new debt reduction challenge.
1-4 of 4 Results