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  1. Home Environment
    Hi everybody! As I mentioned in my Decluttered Home Office Thread, this year I have made a committment to work on one large project each month. For February that was decluttering and organizing my basement. It wasn't absolutely horrendous. I think it was just the typical basement - a dumping...
  2. Home and family challenges
    So since we had a break from ds today (aunt and uncle kept him since sitter can't watch him tomorrow) I cleaned out his clothes and my closet. I have a basket of clothes of his to take to second hand store. Mainly stuff he's outgrown or we were given and didn't like. Any money from that will...
  3. Home and family challenges
    Both bathrooms = 1 bag of stuff Dresser in Living Room = 1 bag of stuff 2 kitchen cabinets = 1/2 bag of stuff Now I am going to sit down and read a book!:)
  4. Home Environment
    Be cluttered again. How does yours look? I'm going to be decluttering mine again today. I really do need to put a sign on that drawer - throw the stuff out instead of in here. Anyone else's junk drawer like that?
  5. Home Environment
    Ultimately, don't we all want to stay decluttered:)
  6. Home Environment
    I sent Ds into his room with a trash bag. I told him to put in the Happy Meal toys and broken toys that he doesn't want any longer, and any trash he might not want any longer. My expectation was that he'd come out with one or two bits of paper and a few really trashed toys. Instead he nearly...
  7. Home Environment
    and now i can toss out an entire cabnit I don't need anymore. It's one of those Rubbermaid cabnits. I am going to put it outside for the greenhouse. I can store chemicals in there, and the cabnit will lock even. So that'll keep chemies out of the hands of the kids.
  8. General Chat
    in my computor! ;) I had sooooo many sites bookmarked, it was just too much! Pierre teases me that I save too much stuff, either on the computor or in our He is so right. The worse part is that I don't go back to all these bookmarked sites. So I spent an hour deleting the ones...
  9. Home Environment
    I did some great decluttering today.  I moved into my condo over a year ago, and I still have boxes I've never unpacked.  I went through some of the boxes, and threw away about 5 bags of garbage.  I'm so proud of FH and I.  We're both such clutterbugs.  We still have quiet a bit to do, but it...
  10. Home Environment
    I donated them to a woman on a sewing forum I belong to. Her dh just got laid off, and she was looking for scraps to make patchy clothing,crafts, etc to sell for some income. It felt good to help someone and get it out of my house at the same time :D
  11. Home Environment
    I didn't get to visit on the internet much today because I was cleaning the craft/sewing room in the basement bedroom. It was a disaster. I had bits and pieces of everything that I had worked on for Christmas, plus some Christmas decorations that I had just piled in there and stuff I needed to...
  12. Home Environment
    Well, dh is FINALLY finished with the basement, so all of the computer room furniture and "stuff" is going down there and this room is being turned into the nursery. Of course, I had to pack it all up, and in the course of packing it all up, I wound up tossing tons! I feel really good knowing...
  13. Home Environment
    YAY! :hurray: I decluttered my bathroom and my laundry/linen closet today! I threw away 2 bags of trash, have 1 bag for donation and dumped numerous medications down the toilet! I even found 2 rolls of t.p. I didn't know I had! Hurray! :dancing:
1-13 of 13 Results