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  1. Home Environment
    I am shifting to a new house in this new year,so i want to make it more beautiful and luxurious. Can anyone please suggest me the ways by which i can make my home more beautiful and lively?
  2. Home Decorating
    If any of you hang around decor blogs and are seeing all the rage about ASCP but don't want to pay $FIFTY FREAKING DOLLARS A QUART.....sorry......I just wanted to throw it out there I have been making my own for cheap. Just mix equal amounts of artist gesso with acrylic or flat paint. That is...
  3. Christmas
    I was watching a show and got the idea for this topic.. Do you do ~ elegant, simple, modern, country/rustic, mix it up, etc.??? I would say it's mix it up here.. There's no color coding or any specific style, if I like it I use it... I'd say, it's just fun/festive..
  4. Home Decorating
    So, I've always been beige and different earthy tones, my kitchen had a bit of a southwest feel - not all out southwest, just colour scheme and some pottery & sand paintings - the rest of the house contemporary. My new house looks out on a lake, desert decor doesn't suit. Now I've got this...
  5. Weddings and bridal showers
    After watching a slew of these wedding shows on the Slice network and watching some major Bridezilas/Groomzillas squabble over details about decor at their question to you is many of you notice the decor & minute details when you attend a wedding? Does it play a big part...
  6. Frugal Living
    I saw one of these made last year by a friend and plan to make one for my family this year. Starting Nov. 1st we will be writing our things of thanks on the leaves. I will probably sit it out on our dining room table without the leaves at the beginning of Oct. because to me without the leaves it...
  7. General Chat
    Ok i tooks some pics of the living room. I still have the dining room to finish,i will try to get that done this week. Enjoy.
  8. General Chat
    If anyone uses wilton products and you have a hobby lobby in your are. There a 40% coupon for wilton supplies on Wilton Aluminum 24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan: Kitchen & [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@41pRct1PYzL
  9. Education
    If you've already packed away the Christmas ornaments then file this idea away for next year. As I was taking the tree down I started to get very sentimental. We have gotten the kids an ornament each year that reflects what they were just crazy for that year. My ds is still enamored with Star...
  10. Home Decorating
    After the post I made about my finally having my craft room, a wonderful FVer mentioned to start a thread about my dolls, but this might be better (but I sure do LOVE my primitive dolls). My style: Country/primitive that's for sure! Take a look at my photo album for some pics of my primitive...
  11. Home Decorating
    I live in a free, furnished apartment paid for by the church. I did not have any money to spend on a lot of artwork so I used a lot of fabric for decoration, and things given to me. I got the bird bedspread as a gift, and the floral was a sheet found for .50 at a thrift store. I made the...
  12. Home Decorating
    My SO is wanting to buy things for the apartment -- rugs, plants, whatever. I, on the other hand, have ZERO desire to spend money on sprucing up the place. It's also not in my budget. We do have 2 sofas, an HDTV, and basic liv/bedroom furniture. I also know we'll more than likely be moving...
  13. Christmas
    Some of it. There are WAY too many snowmen to take pictures of them all :toothy: Here is the tree w/ the flash The tree in the dark The Mantle (never mind the smudgy mirror...darn candles lol ) And the outside (crappy pic, sorry)
  14. Christmas
    Some pictures of my Christmas decor
  15. Christmas
    Anyone want to post their Christmas decorating photos? I'll post some later today after I get the mess cleared!
  16. Secondhand Shopping Makes me drool.
  17. Home Decorating
    I was reading somewhere the other day, might have been from a link that a member posted but I can't remember for sure...., about how when you let your home environment go in tough times that you begin to feel that you have less than you actually do. I think that this is also true with home decor...
  18. For Sale or Trade
    I have tons of home decor items for sale! Most are country/primitive but here's a link to my album of items. Items do not contain prices but if your interested in something just send me a PM and tell me what you like and I will let you know about price and shipping info (if your not local)...
  19. Home Decorating
1-20 of 49 Results