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  1. Home Decorating
    I've got mine done. Not doing much outside since we are getting ready for a move in the next few months...hoping by Thanksgiving.
  2. Christmas
    As is our tradition, we decoarte for Christmas the morning after Thanksgiving. We also break out the Christmas music. So the children and I decorated the house before breakfast in our PJs with the Christmas tune filling the air. We couldn't wait. tee hee What fun we had and the house is...
  3. Home Decorating
    i went to micheals to pics up something for dh's business and they had the fall decorations out, some 50% off and man were they cute! i actually had some money so i picked up flowers and a wreathe, to make a wreathe... then i saw lots of cute scarecrows and i never have money to decorate for...
  4. Home Decorating
    ...AT THE DOLLAR STORE!! I've always wanted to decorate but never could spend the money so I made a challenge to myself that I would decorate my apartment with only dollar store goods, but still make it look good. So far the bathroom is done and looks so pretty. I wish I could post a pic but...
  5. Home Decorating
    your style? Our style if flea market, yard sale, thrift stores, with a few new things thrown in. I have alot of wood in my house so my l.r is a tanish color. My couch and love seat were bought new about 8 yrs ago and they are tan with a floral design. The curtains are a sage color which picks up...
  6. Home Environment
    I have a ton of maps from National Geographic and I'm thinking of possibly doing a wall just with maps (kinda like wallpaper). Has anyone ever done this before? If so, how does it look.
  7. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    Cute Craft!
  8. Christmas
    Here is my fireplace & tree: And the garland on my stairs: (never mind dh's junk under the stairs :bang:
  9. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Here are the instructions to make these, and my avatar shows the ones we made (we did these a couple of years ago on Thanksgiving)
  10. General Chat
    Can you figure out which one was done by the 7 year old and which one was done by the 3 (almost 4) year old????
  11. Careers
    Does your work place have up holiday decorations and did you have to put them up? I work for an architect/engineer office and it's in an old house in a section that has seen better days. We can't put decorations outside or they'd be gone by morning. The inside space is small when you first...
  12. General Chat
    My son thought he was supposed to decorate himself instead of the tree!
  13. Home Decorating
    and what types of things do you put on your front door? Is there a storm door also? We have a storm door. I used to really decorate my main entry door with wreaths, but since married and children now the decorations seem to be the fun children paper type for holidays. ;) I think I am going to...
  14. Christmas
    I wasn't sure if I was gonna get there or not! Now I really have to keep my furry little buggers out of it! :D
  15. Christmas
    Do you decorate it/them with store bought decorations, antique decorations, decorations you've saved over the years, new ones each year or are they handmade? Most of our decorations are handmade and we use tiny lights (all colors). What about you?
  16. Gifts In A Jar
    Brush white glue into jar, cover with bits of torn colored tissue, cut features out of colored paper and glue on. When dry, spray with clear coat or paint on varnish to seal..... Decorate or paint lid and fill with treats..... For Halloween.... Cover with orange tissue, cut out jack-o-lantern...
  17. Clay Pot Crafts
1-17 of 17 Results