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  1. Halloween
    Our Best Bites: Crafty in the Kitchen: Shrunken Heads I really might need to do these as the craft for next years harvest party... these are just too fun!
  2. Christmas
    We're going to a annual christmas party that a husband and wife couple are having. Last year was our first year going to their party. They are rather new friends to us. We've been hanging out with them a lot this past year and have grown close. We have actually been talking for the last 6 months...
  3. Christmas
  4. Christmas
    Santa's Beard Decoration Pattern For those of you who have seen our advertising in the Sew News special issue, "Sew up the Holidays" in which we had Santa's face on all types of things, you can access the pattern for Santa's Face by clicking here...
  5. Leisure Articles
    Create a personal look to your Jar candle and Jar lid Supplies Needed: Most items can be found around the house or in a craft store. Jar Candle with lid – with removable plastic bottom Craft Glue Paint Scissors Decorating Candle Jars and Lids is a fun and easy project for all ages. You...
  6. Christmas
    Okay ladies, I joke with Mom all the time that if you all knew how UN-frugal she was, you may just kick her off the site! :laugh: But then she comes up with a really frugal idea, and I had to post it! :D This is a vase she made: 1 clear vase any size water some pine boughs fresh cranberries...
  7. Christmas
    As we start thinking about holiday decorating (yes, I realize that many of you have already begun while I am still contemplating it) I'm curious about your feelings about Christmas trees. Dh LOVES the Christmas tree. I, personally, can't stand it. I love the way it looks once it is all...
  8. Christmas
    I have a nativity set that my 2nd grade teacher gave to me for Christmas that year. That would make it 47 years old. I also have a couple from our first Christmas as newlyweds. That would make it 35 years old. How about you?
  9. Christmas
    What's your fav? Snowmen, santas, reindeer, Christmas trees, wreaths, snowflakes, Nativity scenes, lights? My favorite is definitely snowmen and snowflakes; and we always have some lights and a Nativity scene and a ceramic Christmas tree, but the snowmen are my fav:snowman: :reindeer: :swave:
  10. Hobbies
    This site has so much. Just couldn't pick out one or two things to post so I will give you the link. Homestead Mamma and Sherry, there are even wood working projects here that look so easy! Bet you could make some bucks...
1-10 of 10 Results