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  1. Christmas
    For years I have used large plastic trash cans with lids to store my decorations, paper, etc. Everything stays clean, fresh, bug and varmint free. How do you store your holiday things?
  2. Christmas
    Grandma and I have started decorating for the holidays. my navitity is up, my snowman and snow globes. My cookie jar is out he is a happy snowman.Grandmas angels and Christmas carnival is up. We will put the trees up on Thanksgiving nite. Have you started yet?
  3. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    We are going to be bringing out the Xmas ornaments and decorations. They have a house decorating contest. We are getting ready because to decorate, there is a middle school across the street. These upcoming holidays are going to be great, we invited not only family, friends, and neighbors who...
  4. General Chat
    Well, I guess I may sound like a grinch. However, last night I spent a few minutes putting the Christmas decorations away. The wreath on the outside door is still up. While I do enjoy the holidays, I just find having the few decorations I had up very distracting. My place just felt really...
  5. General Chat
    Here are few pictures of my minimal decorating. I just decorated the table top, the buffet behind it and put up two wreaths. I was really just going for a winter theme rather a holiday look.
  6. Halloween
    I learned a version of this back in grade school, but I put a new twist to this. I took different plastic bags, exp, store bags and trash bags. I have loads of store bags and I created ghosts. I took a store bag filled it with 3 or 4 more store bags in a corner section, to creat a head, and I...
  7. Christmas
    For 2008, I had to dig through several boxes to get the early-Christmas stuff out (Advent calendars, candles, etc.) As the season wore on, I had to dig through the same boxes for mid-season stuff such as Christmas wrap and party supplies. Finally, on Christmas Eve, I had to dig through those...
  8. Christmas
    Tomorrow night everything will be put away. It's been up since the middle of Nov. and I want my living room back.
  9. Christmas
    Any ideas anyone? Seems we can spend as much to decorate for Christmas as we do for gifts! What do you do, or have you done that is frugal? Some ideas from me... ~ Make royal icing snowflakes or stars for the tree...totally edible. ~ Make Danish hearts (the woven paper/fabric ones) and fill...
  10. Christmas
    Anyone else getting your home ready for Christmas this weekend? If not the weekend, when do you put them up? My mom always had the house decorated the weekend before Thanksgiving...I guess I figured I should follow the tradition. Happy Decorating Everyone!!!! Vanessa
  11. Home Decorating
    I finally finished my frugal decorating last night. I made my chalkboard/picture for over the couch, painted an end table white to match my coffee table, and recovered an ottoman. Before: <a href="" title="100_0110 by songbirdtiff, on...
  12. Home Environment
    I plan on starting to put things away today. I can't stand all the extra clutter.
  13. General Chat
    I was at the shopping center the other night and in the JoAnne fabric store, front window are Valentine decorations! It is not even Christmas yet! I found that I was drawn to a valentine wreath of red roses. Very full....very flush.....very expensive. Needless to say, I walked on by but...
  14. Christmas
    up yet? I have all but the tree up, and that will be on Tues.
  15. Christmas
    When do you put up your decorations for Christmas? I always put mine up a couple of days before Thanksgiving so the house will be all pretty for the holidays!
  16. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    I got some of my fall decorations out and put around today. It did help to make it feel alittle more like fall. It's been so warm here. I went to the beach with my hubby today while he surfed. I did have a hoodie on. It's looking beautiful inside and out.
  17. Just Tips
    Autumnal Seasonal Decorations for the Home and Budget Decorationg Tips
  18. Christmas
    i do! we decorated yesterday, inside and out!
  19. Christmas
    When do you start decorating for xmas?We usually start the beginning of December,This year I cant wait for some reason lol
1-20 of 35 Results