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  1. Needle Arts
    I found this on ebay. I love the shape, but the colors aren't very "me". So I am thinking if i could figure out the pattern i could make a similar one in colors that would go with my home... anyone game on helping me find out a similar pattern? I am hoping for a pattern around 12 inches or...
  2. Sewing
    I was given a Singer Ultralock 14 U34 from a church member, and I can't figure out the order in which to thread it. I can thread each one correctly, but apparently the order in which the outer, and inner loopers, and the upper and lower loopers get threaded matters?? do you have this particular...
  3. Sewing
    Dee, I'm making this tote bag. I'm finished the front, quilted the bag and I'm going to sew it together. I have a step I'm not sure what to do though. The...
  4. Pets
    How do you keep track of all those cats? Do they have unique personalaties? Do any of them look similar? I keep trying to imagine me keeping track of them and I know I'd forget who was who.
  5. Sewing
    My sewing machine is acting wonky. I have checked and rechecked my threading, bobbin, settings, tensions. I have oiled and checked the gears. For whatever reason the bobbin thread is not catching the top thread. I have changed tension, I have changes stitch tension and length...nothing is...
  6. Dee

    General Chat
    Your avatar is adorable. Oh my gosh. How precious!
  7. Needle Arts
    how do i do a decrease when using the half double crochet stitch?
  8. Sewing
    I'm making a tote bag (quilted). What can I line it with. Can I use a sheet???? HELP!!!!
  9. General Chat
    Dee I love your new siggy. I'm celebrating right along with you.
  10. Sewing
    Thanks, again! I used your tutorial to guide me through the side seams of the screen tote. That eliminated the sticky edges. I didn't trim the seam allowance, paranoid about keeping the extra strength for when it gets seriously loaded. And I've been meaning to tell you I love the pic. of...
  11. Needle Arts
    Are you sitting down? I started another afghan. Same pattern but different colors and I did 5 rows today. I think everyone must have the crocheting bug. I'll post a picture tomorrow or Tues. I forgot to get batteries today so will pick them up on Mon. when I'm in the city.
  12. General Chat
    Weren't you without running water for ages last year? We've been without it all morning b/c someone hit a fire hydrant here in out small town. I've been in a very foul mood all morning b/c of that:mad: Finally gave up on my morning shower, sure hoping for a bedtime bath.......:sigh: I can't...
  13. General Chat
    Dee- I saw your thread asking Kimberly about her signature, and remembered that I had this site bookmarked.  You can copy and paste any of these cute little images into your signature.  I use the angel in my email siggy.  Enjoy!
  14. General Chat
    I'm wondering about your avatar.  Is that one of your furbabies?  S/he is very handsome. Congratulations on reaching 13000 posts, Dee. It's quite a milestone.
  15. Pets
    Did you ever figure out if baby was a girl or not - She is soooo cute and looks so much like my Trixee I just want to scoop her up so badly and kiss her little white smoosh!!!
1-15 of 56 Results