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  1. Support
    To Afghanistan. He's been in the Army for at least 5 years and his engineering unit is being deployed to help with communications. He's leaving behind twin boys who are about 10 months old. He'll be gone for a year. Please pray for his safe return.
  2. Military Families
    Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat i am. :jug:
  3. Military Families
    My son is going to Japan in July-- his phone with Cingulair will cost WAY too much to use over there. . any one know of a phone service that won't be out of reach. (He got married last week, and would like to be able to talk to his new wife occasionally, rather than just email, if possible)
  4. Military Families
    I saw this on another board (freebies board) and wanted to share it here.
  5. Military Families
    I just wanted to send lots of love and support to all the ladies and men who have a loved one (dh, son, daughter, etc) that is deployed overseas right now. It's always tough when someone you love has to leave during the year but there is something about the holidays that makes it just a little...
  6. Military Families
    Anyone else on their own for a while? Dh will be gone to Poland for a month of training. I guess that is ok. At least he is not off fighting yet. Who knows what will happen in the future?
1-7 of 7 Results