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  1. Home Decorating
    I hear all kinds of styles on HGTV: contemporary, modern, cottage, French Country, traditional, rustic... What's your style? It's hard to classify when it's cluttered with toys, but I think mine is contemporary country??? I have lots of used and antique furnishings, but I have tried to...
  2. General Chat
    Thought this might be fun as another get to know you kind of thread. loyal dependable persistant intelligent honest
  3. Hobbies
    I have seen the blanket at 3 different photography sites. I have no idea if this is sewing or what? Thanks so much if you can help. I am dying to make this thing.
  4. General Chat
    Choose an object and, without naming it, describe its texture and shape or other relevant properties in as much detail as possible without giving away what the object is. Be sure not to name the object, and get creative with this one! This is just a little riddle game I found on the internet.
  5. General Chat
    Introvert. I enjoy my own company and being at home.
  6. General Chat
    style? I had coffee with two friends yesterday and we're all so different. One of them is ultra conservative and wears very nice, classic styles (think L.L. Bean style), the other one has a very funky style. I think I'm somewhere between the two. I love wearing "different" pieces of...
  7. Laundry
    I do not have a set laundry day. Usually I'll throw a load of clothes in the washer early in the morning. I hook all bras and pin all socks together at the toes with safety pins to prevent them from getting lost. I use Tide detergent with bleach that I buy on sale and purchase with coupons. I...
  8. Home Decorating
    It doesn't have to be the one your living in. Tell us what type of home you've always dreamed of living in (even if it isn't what your living in right now). I've always dreamed of living in a Victorian home. I do live in one but its not quite as I dreamed it would be. I would have had...
  9. General Chat
    If you could have a perfect day, what would it be like???? Mine would be spending the day at my parent's lake home. I'd get up and have coffee while watching the wildlife outside, and then take the kayak out over to turtle cove and watch the turtles sun themselves on the old scags sticking out...
  10. Frugal Living
    1.Cramped 2.homey 3.peaceful 4.haven 5.cluttered
  11. General Chat
    Ok ladies, put on yout thinking caps!!!!;) Describe the perfect man in 3 words or less! Faithful Godly and MINE!!!!!:D
  12. Family
    I have to think on this one. ~gentle ~compassionate ~loving
  13. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I could use a new winter coat for sure, but not this year. I'm losing weight and don't want to buy anything now. I have one winter coat that is still too small since my weight gain. lol It's casual 3/4 length with a hood. Won't do me much good if I can't zip it. :eek: rofl I have a down 3/4...
  14. General Chat
    Most of us spend more time in our kitchen than anywhere else. My kitchen had started to look like I wanted it too, but since we tore out some cupboards and insluated part of the kitchen, I haven't done any redecorating yet. We also need to take out the rest of our cupboards in order to...
  15. General Chat
    Not bored really gosh 3 kids keep me busy as do my house hubby ect ...but i always feel like i'm doing for somebody else..lately i feel like a damn maid. Do any of you ever feel like this? I am seriously thinking of trying for 4th baby this summer but i was thinking of maybe a correspondence...
  16. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    If you had to describe your personality as a flavor, which would it be? If you had to describe your personality as a flavor, which would it be? *Dark chocolate. *Spicy jalapeno. *Sour apple. *Peppermint. *Smooth vanilla. *Salty nuts. *Bitter pill. *Mmm Mmm Good! I am going to say.... *Mmm...
  17. Family
    Tell us about them. Are they shy, outgoing, into sports, love to read. What are your kids like? Ds#1 - is big time into sports. Being a savant in stats, he loves watching and reading anything about sports. His favorite books are books are NHL hockey and anything book that has stats...
  18. General Chat
    Well lets see. There are 2 clock parts on it. I have a Signing exact English book on it. I have quilting blocks on my monitor. I have papers in every nook and cranny. My b/p pills are on it. I have 2 knitted dishclothes folded by the keyboard I have all kinds of books in the drawers. There is...
  19. General Chat
    Describe your dream home and where you would want it to be. I'm living in mine. It is a 102 year old home, brick and 2 storey. It has bay windows in the living room, stained glass windows in both living room and m/bedroom. Its not exactly where I dreamt of having it. I would have...
1-20 of 21 Results