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  1. Frugal Living
    This use to be a very difficult one for us, but now dh knows exactly where the money is going. It made it much easier to take care of the finances when we could talk it over and make the right decisions together.
  2. Family
    I have to think on this one. ~gentle ~compassionate ~loving
  3. Family
    Nope, he is a man of few words. :D
  4. Family
    This is one area that really gets my goat. I have eyes for dh and no other man. Often I see other men goggling at other women besides their wives and when they are with their wives. Drives me nuts. What about you?
  5. Family
    But haven't been able to because of finances. I'd love to be able to purchase dh a special saw he has wanted for a very long time. Due to finances, I haven't been able to as of yet. I know it would really touch him deeply if I did that. How about you?
  6. Family
    No and I wish we did. We 3 special needs kids, we just don't have anyone to watch them. I really miss our special dates we use to have.
  7. Family
    Does he listen when you talk? Does he pretend hes listening and you know for sure that its going in one ear and out the other?
  8. Family
    You don't like how he does something. It drives you nuts that he won't change. Do you feel that you can change him or do you even try.
  9. General Chat
    what you each are getting each other? I already know what DH got me. And Dh knows what I got for him. Somehow the scales seem tipped in my favor, poor guy... the kids have no idea what they have comming, although they aren't old enough to be asking about it yet... so, does your spouse know...
  10. General Chat
    Does your dh/so take things out of the garbage that you've thrown in? He is always doing that. I'll throw in an old t-shirt. Later I find it in his shop to use for rags. I'll throw out a piece of cardboard, I find it in his shop. Hes going to use that for a pattern, yup for sure...
  11. General Chat
    I'm on a mad mission today. I've thrown out 3 bags of garbage in uncluttering dh's dresser. He will never notice that he doesn't have anymore "holie" socks or that t-shirt with the horrible stains isn't there anymore. He'll never notice some of the papers I threw out which he hasn't used...
  12. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I am wondering if you have the same view as your DH/SO on the possible war in Iraq. DH and I are at completely opposite ends on this debate. I think we should try to work it out without war and try to save the lives of the innocent people that are sure to be killed if we go to war. I heard on...
  13. Weddings and bridal showers
    What is your special song? Or the song you danced to for your first dance at your wedding? I had two: The first was "Stranger than Love" by Harem Scarem. This was our song when we first started dating. The other was "Have you ever been in Love" by Peter Cetera...this was supposed to be our...
  14. General Chat
    The question should read Would you give up your dream home to fulfill a dream yorr dh/so had Without going into detail, I'm just asking this question to see what others would do. At this point, I'm not sure what I'd do, but it may come to that. Would you?
  15. Health and beauty
    What does he hunt? Do you eat what he brings home?
  16. Health and beauty
    Once in awhile, will watch a hockey game together, but I don't often watch sports unless its a final game. How about you?
  17. DIY
    Dh is excellant at repairing things but not when I want them done like yesterday so often I find myself repairing or fixing things. I really enjoy doing that even if it sometimes takes me much longer than if I had waited for dh to get it done. How about you?
  18. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Does he have a hard time doing that. I've got a great dh, but he cannot sit down and set goals for himself. He usually goes along with any goal I've set and helps me to reach my goals, but in getting him to sit down and write some goals for himself, he just doesn't find it important. What...
  19. Valentine's day
    I'm looking at doing this for dh this Valentine's Day and surprising him with it. If you were making a gift basket for your dh/so, what would you put in it?
41-59 of 86 Results