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  1. Stay at home moms
    I used cloth diaper for both my kids. I found that rubber pants ripped to easily so I used vinyl. I also purchased some cloth diapers with a leak-proof outer cover called Bouyes(sp?). That was 18 years ago. I only used disposable if we traveled overnight. Cloth diapers are much easier to use...
  2. Frugal Living
    I used them with the first three, then I couldn't find the vinyl pants anymore. I made some fleece covers and still use pins.
  3. Pets
    I'm so mad at myself, Diva the newest addition to our family is a 11 month old silky-poo (a tiny little michief maker). Trying to get her fixed has been awful, either I have the money and no time or I have the time and no money. She has went into heat as of yesterday am. I feel horrible poor...
  4. Family
    Okay, so my daughter is now 10 months, and we have one on the way. I have decided to switch to cloth diapering. HOwever, it seems that it is SOOOO expensive! I thought it would save us money! My mom says to just use prefolds from Babies R Us, and vinyl diaper covers and not to buy the fitted...
  5. Family
    I am expecting my third child in Dec and would like tips on cloth diapering him/her. I cloth diapered my son who was born in 1990 using prefolds and flat diapers and he had horrible diaper rash all the time. I got remarried two years ago and had my daughter 14 monts ago. Because of my...
  6. Family
    Anyone else cloth diaper? I am starting this week on it, I have wonderoos and aio by little lamb. So far so good.
  7. Home and Family
    Forget those flat sheets and clumsy pins. Cloth diapering has a new look that is functional and easier than ever! When I was pregnant with my first child, I remember a friend telling me to buy those flat cloth diapers for burp rags. She commented, "I don't know how people use those for diapers...
  8. Home and Family
    Grocery store bought wipes and creams can get to be pretty expensive and they do not necessarily contain the best ingredients for your baby's sensitive skin. Below you will find several recipes you can make at home that are friendlier to your baby's bottom and cost less than the store variety...
  9. Make It Yourself
    This is an article I wrote quite a while ago that I thought some might find useful :) <hr> Below you will find several recipes you can make at home that are friendlier to your baby's bottom and cost less than the store variety! Homemade Baby Wipe Recipes What Do I Use For Wipes? Inexpensive...
1-9 of 9 Results