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  1. Meal planning
    Here is a cheap meal plan that is pretty good. It plans out 5 meals a day, 7 days a week for 4 weeks and have grocery lists included: Let me know what you think
  2. Sweeps and Online Contests
    PRIZE DETAILS - 5 grand prize winners will receive a free month of meals! - 20 winners will receive a free week of meals - 25 winners will receive a $50 gift card Enter HERE
  3. Creative Cooking
    I'm on a special diet to gain weight. I love jello, but it has too little calories (per standard serving) for my snacking needs. SO! I decided to mix in heavy whipping cream instead of water, with a package of strawberry jello. I have heard it has the consistency of mousse, and you can also...
  4. Freebies
    Petsmart will have 4 lb bags of Science Diet Ideal Balance dog food for $6, February 17th through 20th. Register to print an $8 off coupon, which will make the dog food free...
  5. General Chat
    i have started drinking some green first it was hard to get down but now i absolutely love it...cant get enough of it....but i personally cannot live off just i have decided to add raw fruits and veggies for a week to see if i see any weight loss. I believe i have lost a...
  6. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
  7. Health and beauty
    Made some change in my diet with some exercises 3-4 times a week. I'm down 16 pounds this week. Wahoo! :) Diet consists of veggies/fruits, 1 or 2 slice of bread. Limited dairy, no meat.... Drinks: Water, green tea. My goal is to lose 80LBS.
  8. Question and Answer
    I think I may want to join a diet website. But I refuse to have to pay money for it. Does anyone know of a good free diet website?
  9. General Chat
    School lunches being prepared and served in France. [VIDEO] So much better than American school lunch diet. More costly but wow.... when the kids eat better at school then at home.... !!! It is so good to see nutrition and food put ahead of the costs.
  10. Health and beauty
    Has anyone been diagnosed with prediabetes and lowered your risk by changing your diet and exercise routine? Or has anyone had diabetes (and been treated for it) but has "cured" (I don't really know that there's a cure) it through change in diet and exercise? I'm at risk for developing it, and...
  11. Health and beauty
    So I stepped on the scale for the first time since last fall. Ooops! I thought my jeans were getting tight, but no I never gain weight. Guess again. I'm looking for a good, sensible, at-home weight loss program. No special meals, no meetings, no supplements. I normally eat right, veggies...
  12. Health and beauty
    Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds - A calorie is a calorie. I bet he felt crappy though.
  13. Health and beauty
    (I posted this on another board and realized it would be of interest here too.) In my town there is a mother and daughter (I think this is the relationship) that are very large and use the little scooter things at the grocery stores. I'm 6' and close to 300# with about 40% body fat and while...
  14. Health and beauty
    My dr has me on it and I'm loving it. It is unprocessed, low fat, vegan. I've lost 11 pounds so far - all in the right places - and the skin is snapping up rather than sagging. I'd love to hear some recipes from those who have been there longer than I have. :cheer4:
  15. Health and beauty
    In a nutshell, very similar to Atkins without carbs, though fruit is allowed from the start. You're supp. to cut out dairy, too. I find that all a bit extreme, so we're 'modifying' it... meats and lots of veggies, some fruit, some dairy (lowfat milk/yogurt, not cheese 2 often) and carbs. in...
  16. Green Living
    Ok so the Vegan thing is going great for Hubby and I , it's the kids I'm ready to kill. THEY HATE EVERYTHING. Every single meal is a struggle. I have even made great strides to find kid friendly recipes. It's not the meat that's the problem it's the dairy. Most of their old favorite meals...
1-16 of 180 Results