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  1. Meal planning
    I've just been put on this. Does anyone know anything about what I CAN eat? Websites, recipes, food alternatives? Anything would be helpful...
  2. General Chat
    Hello all! Not sure where to start posting? Hope this is the right place! Anyone else struggling with being frugal and keeping the grocery budget managable while dealing with special dietary issues? My 11 yr. dd, has alot of diet restrictions she is lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant...
  3. Health and beauty You eat for two basic reasons: 1. For fuel (measured in calories), and 2. For nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.). There are also emotional reasons for eating, but the above two requirements are the only reasons your body needs to have food. Keeping...
  4. Health and beauty
    has anyone else heard of this? what i know of it is it's been tested over many yrs mostly in animals/insects. some small trial groups of ppl who already "practiced" CR diets (with optimal nutrition) participated in a study. what do YOU think? do you think restricting calories (no less than...
  5. Meal planning
    I'm not sure exactly where this should be; but here goes. My 15 year old dd has headaches (migraines since she was 9 years old). The subsided in middle school; but she's in 9th grade now and they've come back. Not to the point of nausea and throwing up; but I would consider them chronic daily...
  6. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I was thinking this morning about budgeting and how it's a lot like dieting. On a debt thread a member mentioned that people (not here I'm sure) had told her not to bother with a budget since they are hard to stick to. And I was thinking about the times in my life when people told me to throw...
  7. Health and beauty
    When I went on vacation last week, I decided that I was going to eat what I wanted when I wanted while I was gone, then deal with the consequences when I got home. I thought about taking my computer and my scales with me, but I just didn't want to bog down my vacation with that. So, now I'm...
  8. Health and beauty
    How many are still doing it, and how has it been working for ya? :)
  9. Health and beauty
    How diets work The section on how to build a sustainable diet is good.
  10. Health and beauty
    Diets & dying The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans. The French eat a lot of fat and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans. The Japanese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the...
  11. Health and beauty
    Are there any other diets out there that really work? I need to loose some weight, if not now right after the holidays. Could use lots of help here.:paw: Thanks so much
  12. Health and beauty
    I have change my eating with Weight Watchers so I was just wondering if ther were any others around and what other plans people were doing/trying and if they were working.
1-12 of 12 Results