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  1. Stockpiling
    I will be going through our pantry and fridge/freezer in the next week to organize it. Without going through it, I know offhand that I have enough dinners for the next two weeks for the two of us adults. I would like to work up to 45 days (about 6 weeks) of dinners/meals within the next month or...
  2. General Chat
    Greebo and I are celebrating... or rather recognizing our eighth (yeah, that's a weird word to spell) wedding anniversary today. I was thinking of making a special dinner and am thinking ... . . . . turkey. ;) LOL What's your favorite anniversary dinner or memory you can share on a family...
  3. Frugal Canadians
    Is $5CAD too much to pay for a healthy TV dinner? What is the current cost of TV dinners in your area? These are specially formulated dinners for heart patients. Yes, I know I could make my own, but these are food items I normally wouldn't because of the sheer amount of food we're dealing...
  4. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    Romantic dinners at fancy restaurants are nice, but romantic dinners at home are less likely to bust the budget. Is this an area where you've cut back and are enjoying more romantic dinners at home instead? What foods do you prepare? Do you decorate the table or the room in a special way...
  5. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    No matter how tight things get, most of us keep some staples on hand that we can throw together for a very frugal, but tasty meal. What deperation dinner do you have on hand?
  6. Meal planning
    What are your favorite dinners to make extras of and then freeze? I want to start putting aready made dinners on the freezer, but not sure which recipes are better then others. Any tips?
  7. Coupons
    :yeah:ASAP as many as possible, thx so much.... SAHM to 4
  8. Meal planning
    $5 Meal Blog This blog breaks down a recipe for cost and the recipes are usually $5 or less. I thought some of you might be interested :) Here's another one:
  9. Christmas
    There's three days until Thanksgiving (here in Canada). Every year since I came here, I've been habitually late with getting stuff set up. This year I wanted to change that, so I started three days early in preparing stuff for Monday. We don't plan on having a huge dinner, however, we do plan on...
  10. Healthy Cooking
    My kids love those frozen Cheese filled pastas, but I can never be satisfied with a correct portion size. So while I make it for them with regular spaghetti sauce I also make sure to have the side dish be broccoli, I have a large bowl of the broccoli with 2-3 of the cheese tortellinis and some...
  11. Kitchen Basics
    Here is my pantry inventory. There is not much. I also have NO meat at all. I used the last of it for tonights dinner. I have only a few dollars left in cash. If it comes down to it, I will cash my change jar in for groceries. 1 Huge Can of Cream of Chicken soup with wild rice 4 boxes of varied...
  12. Kitchen Basics
    What's your favorite brand of TV Dinners? My favorite brand is Amy's Kitchen. Yummy!!!
  13. Kitchen Basics
    Okay, I realize that I may have made this confusing. I posted what I had in my pantry/fridge/freezer before my 2 week meal plan used stuff up, so people were giving me recipes that included food items that would have been gone. So, let's start again. I will take items off of my food list...
  14. Halloween
    Wasn't sure where to post this, under Holidays or Kitchen so I chose here. What kind of meals do you make Halloween Eve, (If you celebrate) Do you theme cook? Something quick and easy? TIA
  15. Frugal Living
    Just wondering. We have them about half the time and I wanted to know if you guys have them often as well.
  16. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    From the Magazine Chatelaine 1997 Chock-full of enticing bits of vegetables and a delightful change from pedestrian spaghetti sauce, this all-purpose tomato sauce is packed with flavor and nutrients. For smooth sauceaficionados, or to disguise the vegetable cornucopia for picky eaters...
  17. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    From the Magazine Chatelaine 1997 Mustard-and-thyme roast beef Beefy Caesar salad with hot garlic bread Penne, beef 'n' broccoli (1) ========== Mustard-and-thyme roast beef ======== Preparation time :10 minutes Roasting time : 2 hours Makes : 4 to 6...
  18. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    From the magazine Chatelaine 1997 Pork ====== Island-style Pork chops Pork'n' bean chili Fruited rice pilaf Freezer fried rice 'n' pork (1)======Island-Style pork chops========== Preparation : 10...
  19. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    From a Magazine Chatelaine 1997 Roast chicken and spicy oven fries Simply a stir fry Freezer curried chicken a la king (1) Roast Chicken and spicy oven fries Preparation time 15 minutes Roasting time 1 1/4 hours Makes 4 servings. 8 pieces bone-in chicken legs...
  20. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    I was looking yesterday at a few old magazines which I have had for a bit and came across some three way dinners to make out of a 1997 Chatelaine magazine and I thought I would type them here for anyone who might be interested. Ground Beef Smartly seasoned beef and...
1-20 of 27 Results