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  1. General Chat
    Sue and I had good jobs, busy lives and a lot of stress. Our friends thought we were nuts when we sold up, purchased an old furniture truck and made it our homes. We have been on the road now for 3 years and are daily learning to be frugal so we can continue to enjoy this wonderful way of life...
  2. Utilities
    Amazing Energy Saving Discoveries! 10 powerful energy myths revealed Myth 1: It's more effient to leave a room at a constant temperature than turning the heat down overnight (or when you're not home). Fact: It takes less energy to warm up a cold room in the morning than it does to maintain a...
  3. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    Dole Fresh Discoveries Salad has a promotion going until 4/9 to earn a $5 savings coupon good on your next grocery purchase at Stop & Shop, Giant, or Super G stores for entering 3 codes. Read about it here.
  4. Sewing
    OK briefly I've been playing with my Burda World of Fashion magazine patterns again, and they are VERY difficult to trace off. Till now! And what I've learnt this last wrestling match between me and the patterns (they are multiple sizes and multi patterns all printed on top of each other like...
1-4 of 4 Results