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  1. Needle Arts
    #54 Cherry Crochet Dishcloth | Best Free Crochet I love this pattern and made this dishcloth last weekend, and am also adapting it for a kitchen towel-topper, both for Christmas gifts. The pattern works well, but I just attached each new thread first, instead of the loose sc, then worked a sc...
  2. Needle Arts
    Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains: Lacy Picot Swirl Cloth I'm making several of these for spa basket gifts.
  3. Needle Arts
    I found this site. I hope it has not been posted before. I had never run across it. Lots of different lace motifs. I hope others find it useful. :)
  4. Swaps
    Okay today is the 15th of July. All dishcloths should be in the mail by now. These are the people I have not heard if they recieved theirs or not so please let me know. kmonokwe mamamia thevail newleaf therootednomad wwe11 geckoace mauimagic lmbaker520 kaurand554 hisdaisy crazyhomemaker...
  5. Swaps
    COME JOIN THE FUN!!!!! UPDATE Some people have asked if they can send out dishcloths that are new because they can't knit or crochet and I think it is a good idea so everyone can be involved. I don't know if this will be the first ever swap on FV or not but we are going to have one! If...
  6. Needle Arts
    ...for someone who has knit scarves & dishcloths? I can knit & purl, and that's about it. I've never tried circular needles or DPN's. I need something new to try. Recommendations? TIA :knit:
  7. Needle Arts
    ...and the blog:
  8. Needle Arts
    I've made the Chinese waves dishcloth as well as the "Idiot's" or "Grandmother's" dishcloth where you start with 4 stitches, increase and then decrease. I'm hoping to find another. I am still trying to learn purling, and I really want to knit something w/o it for now. TIA :)
  9. Needle Arts
    I know I'm probably the slowest knitter in the world, but I'm wondering if that's because I'm a newbie or if I'm just incompetent. :laugh: On average, how long does it take you to knit one, and how long have you been knitting? :knit:
  10. Sewing
    ~I just finished another fabric recycling project. I'm using up the leftover scraps from my window quilts to make dishcloths. :dishes:Pic is on my blog, link below.~
  11. Swaps
    Our swap for October will dishclothes. The sign up will be open until Thursday October 19 at 8:00PM Central time, I will assign your swap partners on Thursday at 8:00PM Central time. The date to get your swaps in the mail will be Thursday October 26. Drum roll please...rat a tat rat a...
  12. Needle Arts
    I haven't made one in ages!! This was the most recent KnitALong that I did:
  13. Needle Arts
    Not entirely done, this is only through day 2 of a Knit A Long I knit with :) I think the method is called "short rows". I really like it though! I'm going to make another one and change colors every 20 rows.
  14. Needle Arts
  15. Needle Arts
    I was messing around last night and came up with this. Now if I can just remember how to do it to make more! LOL!
  16. Needle Arts
    I picked a real easy pattern, and am hoping that I can make these........;) There are some really cute ones out there, but I am not sure I could do some of that advanced stuff.........LOL. Hopefully I will build my talent up to that point!!!
  17. Needle Arts
  18. Needle Arts
  19. Hobbies
    I was going to do this craft on an apron for my mother for Christmas, but I like the idea of doing it on a dishcloth or oven mitt too.
1-19 of 19 Results