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  1. Needle Arts
    Welcome to the thread for the dishcloth swap! Here's how it'll work. 1. Post here your intention to join in! 2. PM me your address - I will not put you on the list until I have your mailing information!!! 3. on March 1, I'll publish the paired list in the thread. I will also PM each...
  2. General Chat
    Thought this was a very frugal idea. Do You Grow Dishcloths? {Gardening Tip} :
  3. For Sale or Trade
    ~I've recently fallen in love with knitted dishcloths and I would like to buy or barter for a set of them(10-12). MUST be in Jadeite green. I can barter sewn items: cloth shopping bags, handkerchiefs, swiffer covers, or whatever you need.~
  4. Needle Arts
    does anyone knit these on the knifty knitters? And if so, what kind of yarn do you have to use? And how hard are they? I'm thinking these would be great for sisters, friends for Christmas. I'm giving canned goods and thought maybe a dish rag would be nice in with them. Thanks, Gail
  5. Needle Arts
    found these i thought Id share and I saved in my fav.
  6. Swaps
    Okay today is the 15th of July. All dishcloths should be in the mail by now. These are the people I have not heard if they recieved theirs or not so please let me know. kmonokwe mamamia thevail newleaf therootednomad wwe11 geckoace mauimagic lmbaker520 kaurand554 hisdaisy crazyhomemaker...
  7. Needle Arts
    I am not sure what type of yarn or what size crochet hook though? Thanks in advance :D
  8. Needle Arts
    made 2 dishcloths last nite for afriend of mine. In multi colors. (pink, purple, blue, white). Finally found the instructions, the right one. the one on Bernat on the package is too hard to understand, its not the origianl!!!
  9. Hobbies
    I always have tons of crocheted dishcloths. I love making them, as they work up quick and easy. Well, I have given tons out, pretty much to anyone who would inquire. That is until recently. A woman was asking me about crocheting an afghan for her and the costs. Somehow the dishcloths came up and...
  10. Needle Arts
    They seem to have a figure in the foreground and just a plain background. Maybe old hat to some of you, but to this novice, I was impressed! I printed off the 'swan' to try & make for mil for Christmas...
  11. Needle Arts
    If so, what pattern do you like? I got some 100% cotton yarn. And I'm trying a plain seed stitich for my first dishcloth. Any other recommended patterns?
  12. Home Environment
    After I read the thread about dishrags, I got some leftover cotton yarn and made a crocheted one. Well, I used to today in my kitchen and I looooove it! I wiped down the fronts of all my cabinets and it got stuff off that a sponge never did! I guess the open weave creates a nubbier texture. I...
  13. Christmas I absolutely LOVE this site. I've given up knitting anything else but these tiny little gems. They are fast, pretty and fun. And they make great little tuck in presents or gifty things for the teacher, the postman, and any last...
  14. Needle Arts
1-14 of 14 Results