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  1. General Chat
    Which of course, we all see all the time, right? Today I saw this guy ( who appeared to be about 32) in a Porsche Carrera. This is a pretty common sight where I live as there are many wealthy (or wanting to appear wealthy) people living in my part of town. When I see that kind of blatent...
  2. General Chat
    Just wanted to share the amazing Christmas light display a friend of mine and her husband put up. This is from last year, but she said not much has changed for this year. Turn on your speakers and enjoy! You'll probably want high speed internet. Videos Wilton Lights!
  3. Cast Iron cooking
    We finally moved into our new house. It has a display area 3/4 of th way up the kitchen wall then there is a display area dividing the kitchen and livingroom. Now I dont use all my cast iron so I thought I would put my dutch ovens and things like that up there on display. I would have loved a...
  4. Pregnancy
    *pulls out soapbox and stamps up on it* I am so SICK of people telling me to "come over so you can show off your belly"! It's not the Mona Lisa, here, folks! It's a baby. In my uterus. It's a big bump. You don't tell obese people, "Oh look at the little belly!" *rolls eyes* I am so tired...
  5. Christmas
    This is awesome!
  6. Money challenges
    OK. In a week, my first sale of the season. Having a great display is what brings people to the table. The pendants etc will sell themselves, but I need to get people. I hope to hit $500 in sales, that would make my day :) Here is a pic. The white display will be black. I haven't covered it...
  7. Halloween
    Here is what my dd/10 wanted to do, so I helped her create it. Enjoy!
  8. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Hey all! My cub foods T Marzetti stand has little booklets with recipes in them I opened it up and to my surprise found two one dollar off coupons! One good for 1.00/1 caramel apple dip and the othe good for 1.00/1 any dressing. To top it all of there is a tearpad that is good for 2.00 off any...
  9. Christmas
    I've taped mine all along the upper cabinets in the family room the last couple of years, but I'm bored with that, plus some of them end up falling down. We had a wire card-holder that fits over a door, but then every time you opened that door all the cards fell off, so I wound up taping them...
  10. Christmas
  11. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I have made some apron style shirts and dresses to sell on ebay and these types are fetching a pretty penny right now. But I can't think of a way to display them. I have bid on a dress form, but I want to get a couple listed in the meantime. I can not wear these they are for cute little women...
  12. Home Decorating
    I think that quilts make a house feel really cozy and especially this time of the year when it is cold outside and you are trying to cozy up your home for the winter months:) I have quilts on the beds, quilts over a quilt rack, a quilt folded out of my dh's wood toy chest from his childhood, a...
1-12 of 12 Results