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  1. General Chat
    A good film about dumpster diving for food. Dive! (2010) - IMDb I have some household items that I have dumpster dived, but I have not dived for food. I got the DVD from my library (ILL), of course.
  2. Secondhand Shopping
    glad i have good friends--a friend of mine said that the warehouse was throwing bar soap away and if i wanted some i better hurry-glad i did i got 234 bars of soap in the doxs -dove,dial,zest and caress plus about a dozen bottles of sauve shampoo -most was already gone but i don't mind getting...
  3. Secondhand Shopping
    Ok, I realize not everyone does the Dumpster Dive thing...but being raised by a family that didn't have much, I learned that things other people cast off can be repaired, reused, recycled by our family! On a recent trip to the dump to get rid of our household trash, I saw some furniture and...
  4. Secondhand Shopping
    so we didn't get in the trash cans but DS 11 and I found a few things in and around the trash cans at the swap meet yesterday.PPL throw things away they don't wanna hall back when they leave. Heres our finds: Old style "pump" thermos- seems to work 4 "name" rulers with 2 in each pack-always...
  5. Secondhand Shopping
    as we were walking home from going to the post office (couldnt send the package i need to send b/c the stamps machine was out) i saw some kids going through a pile of trash and one found a pokemon poster cutout stand thing. i found a christmas cookie tin (will clean out before using, plastic...
  6. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Do YOU (don't answer for any other member of your family) dumpster dive? (Do not include 'curbside shopping' in this poll, please) (Voting is open for 5 days)
  7. Education
  8. Secondhand Shopping
    Someone is moving out of my complex, so there was a lot more in the dumpster that I could have gotten, but I just didn't have the room/a use for - bookcase, headboard, lamp with nice lampshade, set of curtains - but here's what I got: a whiteboard. Its big (about 2' x 3')! DH has been wanting...
  9. Secondhand Shopping
    I was driving by and saw a neighbor putting out a twin bed. it was so pretty, i stopped and asked him if i could have it. it came with a nice still in plastic mattress, but no box springs. a couple of weeks later as i was taking the girls to school on trash day i spotted a mattress/ box spring...
  10. Frugal Living
    When I go the the recycling center, I always look for extra coupon inserts in the newspaper bins there. :)
  11. Computers
    Yesterday my Mom's computer went blank! Here is what she has told me (I have not seen this myself) When she turns it on she gets the Windows screen loading for only a second then the screen goes black and she has the following: - (highlighted) Command Prompt, Shift F5 Once she hit F5 she got...
  12. Secondhand Shopping
    I am wondering if anyone here "dumpster dives"? If so, what types of things have you found? Carrie
1-12 of 12 Results