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  1. Stockpiling
    Hello, I am new and need help. Thought I saw a doc for freezer inventory and stock pile inventory, can you tell me how to find it. Thanks!
  2. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    It never seems like you can get caught up at the doc and dentist. It seems like someone is always going which means that there is always a bill pending (waiting for insurance to answer) even if you pay the bill you receive promptly and in full. We have had good luck not having anyone go to the...
  3. Just Tips
    Breast Cancer And Bras May Have A Link A study has revealed a causative factor for breast cancer, that can increase your risk of getting the disease by 100 times. Wearing a bra for more than 12 hours a day can cause unwanted. problems. Studies showed a woman who wears a bra 24 hours a day is...
  4. General Chat
    I so upset. You all know i have pancreatits, was in hospital last month for a few days so they detoxed me of my meds. Well i also have bipolar and have been off meds for 7 weeks ,started them back 1 week or so ago. So here i am taking a 1000mg that my doctor gives me of depakote for bipolar.My...
  5. Health and beauty
    I complained awhile ago about a itchy rash on my sides, legs and belly/chest. It' drove me mad. I STILL have it, since november! And what's worse is that it ebbs and flows in severity. It gets blisters first, then they (ick ick ick) ooze, crust over and new ones come. What sucks is it goes...
  6. Health and beauty
    and they did the obligatory pelvic and breast exam. I had gone in for a pap and to complain about another issue (i have had chronic diarrhea with blood :lalala: ). So we did an exam starting at the top and working towards the bottom. During the breast exam she found lumps. During the pelvic exam...
  7. Health and beauty
    was feeling crummy. sore throat etc. Turns out i have a sinus infection, pharangitis, and strep throat. Whee fun. :tied: sigh.
  8. Family
    He's had a bad cold for the past few days, really congested and coughing, etc. So I was able to get an appt right away. Plus his 12 month check up will be combined with the sick check. My poor baby doesn't feel good at all!! :(
  9. Pregnancy
    Well, I got back a little while ago from the doctors. Apparently after looking at my U/S they decided that they needed to change my due date. I am now due on the 2nd of May! :o I got to do both my 1hr glucose test (yick) and my 28 week labs. (4 tubes of blood :rolleyes:) I finally got the...
  10. General Chat
    Actually she is a nurse practicioner but I prefer her doing my paps over the doc. ;) Anyway dumb me never looked at the calender when I made the appt. and was 3 weeks early for my pap. :rolleyes: Our insurance will only pay once a year to the day so I rescheduled for June 14th. I did still...
1-10 of 10 Results