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  1. Sewing
    A window draft blocker that will add charm to your house and decrease those heating bills.
  2. Freebies
  3. Computers
    I installed yahoo messenger yesterday. The only person I've used it with so far is sara and she is the only person on my list. This morning when I came online, just after yahoo messenger loaded itself, I had an attack that my norton picked up as being a Welchia_ICMP_Scan attack. This is what...
  4. Simple Living
    My pick this week is Gabe (Dodger). For any new members that don't know, Gabe is Sara's dh and works behind the scenes to make this such a wonderful place. He is always surprising us with new things and is quite the guy when it comes to the chatroom. You just never know how or when...
  5. Computers
    I have a dvd writer - uses ++ discs (its HP) but when I go to burn exact copy it says "not enough storage space on disc" - yet it won't let me cut out the trailers and just record the movie as an option. Any clues??
  6. Computers
    I bet you are. My son has talked about nothing else for days. He's asked me to wake him at 8am so he can be at the store to collect his Collector's Edition of Half Life 2 at 9am. For the next two days I doubt I'll see much of him. The computer tech I use is coming over tomorrow to "deliver...
  7. Computers
    Okay - I am no Sara - I am a complete novice - I downloaded firefox and spybot and though it kicked out 178 tainted adware/spyware thingies it said it was compromised by Internet explorer - I have Deleted IE seven times and every time I reboot  my HP puts it back in there - it literally...
  8. Computers
    My Norton discovered a trojan horse that it says it can not quarantine or "fix" what should I do?  TIA
  9. Computers
    Okay, every time i click on a link, my computer acts up. It wont open a link and the little finger stays up, the curser will move but I have to press control, alt, delete to close out. I did a scan disk, cleaned temp files and scrunched the files (sorry forgot what that is called Compressing...
  10. General Chat
    Ds#2 and I are going to the Dodger game tonight. His daycamp gave him two free tix for tonights game. I bought 2 new Dodger Tshirts for us to wear. He dosent' know about the new shirts yet, I hope he will be surprised and excited. The game starts at 7:10 and it's Dodgers against the Padres.
1-11 of 13 Results