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    The situation in Haiti is so sad. I donated a little money to Red Cross. I can´t give a lot but I guess every little counts. What about you, have you donated money to help Haiti?
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    I was working in my flower beds today and my cone flowers were spreading all over. I dug up the new shoots and replanted those that I wanted to in a new place. I had a bunch left over and went across to the newly married neighbor who was out working in his yard and asked if he wanted them. He...
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    Join the Viva Diva Cafe & Have $5 Donated in Your Name to Breast Cancer Research
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    To Locks of Love. One of the PA's I work with, his girlfriend has a beauty shop, so she cut my hair and donated 12 - 13 inches. I'm not so sure I like this short hair thing, but it'll only last a week or two before it falls out.:couch:
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    Seeing Kat talk about Locks of Love made me realize I hadn't told you all what Alex did this week. She had been growing out her hair for well over a year with the intention of donating it. Well, Thursday we went and had her hair cut. She had well over the 10 inch minimum cut off. I knew her...
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    I've been growing out my hair specifically for this reason. If I were to get it cut now, my hair would only be down to the nape of my neck (there is a 10" minimum donation). My hair grows fast, so I think maybe I'll wait until Christmas time and get it cut then. Has...
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    do you dig out of your cabinets or buy stright from the store for them? I buy from the store.
1-8 of 8 Results