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  1. Home Environment
    I need to buy a new front storm door and I am reading the reviews online and they are awful. I found a door at Lowe's - that had bad reviews; found one at HD - that had bad reviews. The Pella door has this hideous brass trim I hate. I want a bronze/brown door with two windows and a screen that...
  2. Stockpiling
    someone ( yes we know who, but they feel bad enough and stuff happens, and it wasn't me ) didnt close the upright freezer door, it was open for at least a week. I lost everything that was in the door, and alot that was near the front of the freezer. I had just stocked it with a 1/2 beef. Some...
  3. Secondhand Shopping
    well a friend of mine just gave me 2 small metal framed greenhouses but with no glass or plastic to go on it but all is not last he also gave me 15 sliding glass doors so i think with them i can make a 20x10 greenhouse for next year woo hoo ---ill just have to put it up a little at a time i also...
  4. General Chat
    Someone else just posted about hurting her hand in a door and I didn't wanna hijack her thread. I managed to smash my right hand trying to close our front door on the way out today. The jamb is messed up and I was trying to slam it closed and hurt my hand instead. I've got a cut and a big...
  5. Just Tips
    We have cloudy glass shower doors from water spots. I have tried lots of things to clean them and it never does a good job. I have tried soft scrub, easy off bam and Mr. Clean magic erasers (which seem to work for everything!) Does anyone have anything that might work? We have been drying the...
  6. General Chat
    I went yesterday & purchased 200 lbs of feed for my rabbits- that will last us 2 months. I have been keeping record of the price increase of feed in my "bunny log" and this time last year, I was paying $31.90 for #200 - yesterday I paid $46 for the same brand & weight. The owner was truly sick...
  7. Make It Yourself
    I don't know what their called, but I would like to make some of those long cloth things that one puts up against the doors to keep the drafts out, might anyone know what their filled with?:smhelp:
  8. Home Environment
    As some of you might have read in my other thread - we are redoing our bathroom. We bought a tub and a shower kit. Croscill Fabric Shower Curtain Liner, Linen: Home & [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@41P5M66RF6L Our shower walls will...
  9. Home Decorating
    Does anyone have doors or windows with blinds in them (between the glass)? I am going to have to replace my wooden slider doors that go onto the deck from the family room. I am tired of the long drapes I have to use and would prefer just to use toppers. Anyone have any thoughts on this type...
  10. Home Environment
    We are looking at purchasing french doors for our m/bedroom. I was wondering if you have them, do you like them and how do you keep them clean? Also did you purchase them new or used or were they in your home when you bought it?
  11. Sewing
    I am looking for a pattern of some kind that I can make to block the drafts coming in my doors. any ideas? christine
  12. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    and/or open during the day? Can you or do you leave your windows open/unlocked during the summer? I grew up in NY and was raised to be very lock the door happy. We now live in a very low crime area, but I am still locking the doors. I can't leave doors or windows open or unlocked. How about you?
  13. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Counting my garage door 15,there were 16 but we put up a wall where it was.
  14. Home Environment
    ...specifically the track that they slide on. Anyone have any tips to make this easier? Chelle :)
  15. Home Environment
    Okay, I vacuum, dust, sweep, mop, etc., and for the most part, do it with a smile. However...THE SHOWER DOORS ARE MY NEMESIS!!! I can't stand cleaning them. We moved into this house with a brand new bathroom and I swore up and down that I would never let them look like the ones in the old...
  16. Home Environment
    Help! A neighborhood cat is stalking ours! We have a spayed indoor cat, but this little tomcat has come calling and has left his scent on the area around the front and back doors....and ideas how to remove his "scent"???? Thanks!:paw:
1-16 of 16 Results