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    Dove® ClearTone™ Anti-Perspirant -
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    CVS this week- Dove sham/cond. 2/$6, get $5 ECBS when you buy $15 worth- use bogof coupons from Sunday's paper....I got 6 bottles, used 3 c's, c's rang off at reg. price of $ I paid $1.21 for 2 bottles, $3.63 total, got $5 ecbs back....I 'made' $1.37 for taking 6 bottles out of the...
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    Experience 100%* frizz control and 24-hour shine with Dove® Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Smoothing Cream. DOVE® NOURISHING OIL CARE LEAVE-IN SMOOTHING CREAM SAMPLE
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    Costco - FREE SAMPLE Dove® Ultimate go fresh? Revive Deodorant 5 oz... link is lower right hand side
  6. Coupons
    FYI, CVS has the deodurant for .99 cents this week. In the paper a couple of weeks ago there were coupons for 1.00 off. You can also download come for 75 cents to 1.00 off from Dove and walmart. You end up only paying tax. I paid 23 cents total for 4 yesterday.
  7. Coupons
    The week of 4/24 cvs will have dove men deoderant on sale for .99,limit 5. There are $1 off coupons out there right now, they expire 4/24. If your Easter plans could involve a stop at cvs, you could get the 5 free. You must go that day before the coupon expires. Not sure where to find them, I...
  8. Freebies
    Free Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Sample Sign up to receive a FREE sample of Dove Go Fresh Deodorant. Costco membership number is NO LONGER required to request this freebie. Offer is available to the U.S., while supplies last. Costco - FREE SAMPLE DOVE® ULTIMATE
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    I did a search and didnt see this so thought I would share
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    Free "Thank You" Cards for the first 20,000 (US) Plus free sample on the right
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    We're excited to have you join our online community. As a member, you'll save more than $40 a year on Dove® products!* You'll also enjoy: •Exclusive coupons •Free gifts and special promotions •The latest beauty news and features •Tips, quizzes and much more...
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    Get a sneak peek at an exciting way to care for your underarms, while still providing odor and wetness protection. The first 1,000 bloggers/online enthusiasts who join will be selected for an advance VIP experience with an exciting new deodorant from Dove®, launching this Spring. Be part of...
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1-20 of 101 Results