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  1. Just Tips
    Used that combo this morning to clear my bathroom sink of whatever was clogging it and it was REALLY clogged. I already had the stuff on hand and it sure beats 6-10 bux for a bottle of drano!
  2. Utilities "One high-definition DVR and one high-definition cable box use an average of 446 kilowatt hours a year, about 10 percent more than a 21-cubic-foot energy-efficient refrigerator, a recent study found. "
  3. DIY
    At the end of the final spin cycle, there's still water left in the drum that comes pouring out when I open the door. I looked up the owner's manual online and I tried cleaning drain pump, but it's empty. I checked the drain hose and there aren't any kinks. I'd prefer to not go through the...
  4. Question and Answer
    I am making fried crab cakes for the first time for dinner tomorrow and have tried, but can't for the life of me think of a inexpensive side dish, let alone any side dish.. Does anyone know of a good inexpensive side dish that goes with fried crab cakes, please???
  5. Secondhand Shopping
    Ack! :yikes: DH and I have been planning this for a while, putting money aside and we are ready to go and DO IT! The old grey mare ain't what she used to be: our 12 year old wagon has over 180k miles and is starting to cost more than it's worth. We have been renting cars for weekend trips...
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    "Thanksgiving Expenses" or "How my Nov. budget went down the drain" So this month we're going over our budget for food costs. It's not the end of the world, because I had tentatively set aside an extra $200 for food for Thanksgiving. However, it wasn't in the original November budget, it was a...
  7. Question and Answer
    Any suggestions for what I can pour down the sink drain to clear it out? It is not completely plugged up... it is just draining slowly lately. I dont feel like spending $6 on a bottle of Drayno.
  8. Question and Answer
    Are there any home remedies for fixing a very slow shower drain? Mine has become slower and slower. I would love to find something natural, without involving chemicals. Thanks!
  9. Question and Answer
    DH has taken off for the day and left me with the bathtub full of water that will not go down :pdoff: I've tried plunging it and it's not having any effect. Does anyone know how I might unclog it? We only have one tub and I don't want to shower while standing in his nasty water. Figures I'd...
  10. News you can use
    12 new 'necessities' that drain your cash Many of modern life's "necessities" are actually luxuries that you can live without.
  11. Make It Yourself
    Does anyone have a recipe for a good drain cleaner for toilets, tubs, and sinks? Thanks!
  12. Green Living
    from Vinegar, Duct Tape, Milk Jugs & More - by Earl Proulx This is the coolest book ~ - some of the best sources of nutrients for your plants, both indoor & out, are the leftovers from your own meals. From breakfast through dinner, here are just a few of the possibilities. 1. The leaves...
  13. General Chat
    A few minutes ago I went downstairs to get something out of the pantry and noticed water in the hallway. I went into the laundry room to check what was going on and saw a huge lake around my basement drain! And dh is out of town working. So I called Roto-Rooter and they will be here in about...
  14. Utilities
    I've been very diligent keeping the heat down and using less electricity but someone named Nathan came home with head lice. Poor kid, he felt terrible and I really gave my washer and dryer a workout. 20 loads in 2 days and now my year old Maytag Neptune hates me and doesn't want to spin out...
  15. Utilities
    Not sure if this is where to put this, but I have a plugged drain. Have already tried the salt and baking soda method and not working. Does anybody else have any idea how I can unplug my sink drain. Also, have tried to run hot water and using plunger. None of the above are working. Any...
  16. Soups and Stews
    I've got a pot of chicken back bones and noodles cooking. They are almost done but there seems to be quite a bit of yellow fat on the top. Would you let it cool and scoop off the fat? Just eat it with the fat in there? I want it to be healty and never really thought about the fat before. I'm...
  17. Home and Family
    As you and I know, most bathrooms have limited space and storage. Many of them are crammed with too much stuff: a lotion or potion you used once, the shampoo and conditioner samples collected while on travel, medicines or other items used once or never finished using, towels that have seen their...
1-17 of 17 Results