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  1. Home Environment
    Anyone have tips for frugal drawer organizers? I'm tried of things rolling around each time I open and close the drawers. I've gone to a big box home decor/organizing store and the options floored me. Only downfall, the prices! :thud: THAT much for a plastic tray w/dividers?! So I'm now out...
  2. Kitchen Basics
    i have recently discovered "pict sweet" seasoning mix, a frozen blend of onion, celery, red and green peppers. even though they cost more, i am not wasting furry or mushy produce.
  3. Just Tips
    Since everyone did such a good job playing the pantry........ what about junking diving... I have a million little stuffs all over wondering what I should do with them... Lets see if we can think of something to either make, or other use for... I will start...since I started the game... I...
  4. Home Environment
    Does everyone have one? I have two and I try to keep them organized as much as possible but the second I turn around the dh or kids throw stuff in.When I can open the drawer then I know its time to clean out Michelle:horse:
  5. Home Environment
    Be cluttered again. How does yours look? I'm going to be decluttering mine again today. I really do need to put a sign on that drawer - throw the stuff out instead of in here. Anyone else's junk drawer like that?
  6. Home and family challenges
    Okay, well, many of you jumped the gun yesterday (and I'm proud of that!) and did your socks along with your undies. If you did not (like me!) today I want you to go to your sock drawer and dump it out on your bed. Then, go through your sock drawer and seriously thin out the herd. Socks that...
  7. General Chat
    did it get absorbed into somthing else or can't I see it?
  8. Home Environment
    You know the one... the drawer where you throw everything that you don't know where to put. Screws, bolts, washers, pens, pencils, lighters, magnifying glass.... who knows!? Do you have a junk drawer? What sorts of things do you have in it?
1-8 of 8 Results