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  1. General Chat
    What is the first thing you'd do if you paid everything off, including the mortgage? Me: A party! A Mortgage burning party! (a copy) :dancing: After that, maybe something a little frivolous, like an unfrugal vacation with all the ammenities. :toothy:
  2. General Chat
    I am curious.... what would be your ultimate house( including location) if you were not limited by money? For me my ultimate house would be located in WV on land with natural gas rights at least 5 acres with the house smack in the middle so no one could build near it. With the natural gas used...
  3. Vacations and Travel
    if you could go ANYwhere... no thought to cost or health or war or any other worry... where would you like to visit? why? how long would you like to stay? have you ever been there before? :)
  4. Christmas
    Hi Christmas shopping is DONE!! Actually most of it has been done for some time. I have a small closet that I call my gift closet. I fill it with items I find on the clearance racks, at yard sales, second hand stores, etc. I include stuff that I intend for certain people for birthdays or...
  5. Southeast Pals
    I Know, I know, it's unlikely to happen, and it would totally shut everything down since we born and raised southerners don't know a thing about driving in the snow, but wouldn't it be wonderful to have a white Christmas? I'd give anything to have a REAL :bigsnow: in my front yard Christmas...
  6. Goals and Dreams
    I have always had a dream to be a crafter for money. It isn't really something that I think about getting rich off of although since this is the dream forum, that would be nice. I am very flattered when people think enough of the things I make to actually spend their hard earned money on, and it...
  7. Pets
    I just heard some little whelps and looked out the window to see Rosie asleep in my green house. She's dug herself a deep hole so I can only see her head. She's sound asleep and dreaming. Awwww.
  8. Christmas
    More tips from Simplify and Celebrate, Embracing the Soul of Christmas: ~consider purchasing a live tree that can be planted in the yard ~use an artificial tree. Even though it may seem unnatural you save the life of a tree every time you use it. ~if you buy a cut tree, recycle it after the...
  9. Christmas
    :reindeer: I know it is early but I always like to start shopping for Christmas early. I find it soooooo much easier to buy a little here and a little there on sale then to leave it for the last minute. I've already bought a few things for dh and will just have to buy the one larger gift. Our...
  10. Family
    Putting Ayla to bed used to be such a chore, and so hard on us. She would cry for a while, but sometimes it would be very feirce and we'd sometimes give in and let her stay up later. Keep in mind she was ALREADY staying up late as it was :o Lately, within the last week, i've noticed she comes...
  11. Homesteading and gardening
    Can't plant until the 3rd week in May, but I'm beginning to dream of what I want to plant in my flower beds. I want more perrenials: - roses - day lilies - tiger lilies - Black eyed Susans - Sashta Daisies For annuals: - lots of Zinnias - some Marigolds - some Petunias I want to simplify my...
  12. Simple Living
    Do you ever get to spend quiet time alone just dreaming about what you would like to be or do? When was the last time you were able to do this? Tell us about it.
  13. Simple Living
    Well it's only a short time now before the arrival of spring:) And before you know it, the planting season will be upon us once again!:D I love to stop at the fruit and veggie stands out here in the country, and love to go to the Saturday morning Farmers Market. All of the farmers from the...
1-13 of 13 Results