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  1. Pets
    Well, there are times I like to put a shirt on my cat. Found a nice inexpensive pink rugby shirt. I think she actually likes it. She just went about her day like nothing was wrong. Took it off at night when I could not watch her just in case. Anyone else dress up their pet. Do you think...
  2. General Chat
    Last year I was *The Crazy Cat Lady* (every neighborhood has one....) It went over very well, and was super easy/cheap. I wore an old fuzzy bathrobe, fuzzy slippers, my hair it a beehive inspired doo, with a scarf. Got some vintage cat eye rhinstone glasses at the antique store (12.00) I pinned...
  3. Laundry
    I made a white Thai silk wedding dress for my DSIS years ago (about 30), and she has just pulled it out of the closet for her DD#1 to wear for her wedding. Unfortunately it has a couple of "large stains" on it of undetermined origin. I did not preshrink the fabric before sewing this dress, as...
  4. Careers
    I need a little help. I need to dress more professional and I am on a TIGHT clothing budget! I'm not happy with the way I look in ANYTHING! ( ** Note I have Hypothyroid and I can't lose weight!**) I can't wear heels because I work on my feet and they HURT!!! HELP PLEASE
  5. Sewing
    Has anyone made a dress form like this? How did it hold up with use? I have an old floor lamp I could use as a base... might have to give this a try. Vively Online: All Taped Up and Nowhere to Go
  6. Sewing
    I made this dress for my granddaughter's First Communion ceremony. It was challenging - 4 layers (lining, petticoat, dress, and sheer overdress). It took hours and hours. But in the end, I'm very proud of it. It actually looks better in person. The camera made it look a lot shinier than it...
  7. Simple Living
    I found this website about a lady that is going to where the same dress everyday for a whole year. She calls here blog One Dress Protest fasting from fashion This Week in the Dress and on the Web | One Dress Protest She is exploring fashion/ or the lack of and the affects of fashion on who...
  8. Secondhand Shopping
    Found a Easter Dress (fancy church dress) for Little Miss At a church garage sale ( unusual for them to occur at this time of year) She wanted a more grown up fancy dress. I found this compromise. It is cream with ruching in the bodice, empire waist with a black ribbon around it with a...
  9. Secondhand Shopping
    I just had to share this one. There is a small thrift shop in an upscale neighborborhood that I like to go to because they have some really nice items there. I found the perfect dress for my company Christmas party. It is a black silk dress with a heavily beaded bodice and chiffon skirt, and...
  10. General Chat
    I just talked to my mom and she told me she is going to my sisters ex-husbands house for Thanksgiving (no one speaks to the sister). Well, my NIL called mom and told her the dress code is pajamas.. Yes, everyone is to wear pajamas for the family gathering.. That's new to me, so it got me...
  11. Sewing
    Just wanted to show off the Cinderella dress I made for my 4-year-old granddaughter. There was really no reason for it - not Halloween or a party or a program - it was just because she wanted a Cinderella dress. The things we do for our grandchildren!!
  12. DIY
    I like some of this girl's stuff and this project in particular caught my eye! think I might have to try it out if I do I'll totally post the results!
  13. General Chat
    here are pics of dd's prom dress if anyone is interested. It's a bit darker blue than the pictures show and you can't see the ruching at the top(pleating).
  14. Sewing
    Misses' dress pattern:
  15. Sewing
    i have this dress that is super comfy (like a huge tshirt), not exactly a pattern i love, so i dont mind trying this... problem: it's WAY too big for me. likes: super comfy want to change: to fit so... is it possible to take a dress (think, front, back sewn at sides, with boat neck) and turn...
  16. Just Tips
    I found this great tutorial on Craftster for making a girl's dress from a man's shirt. I found think summery print shirt at SA for $1 and turned it into a summer dress for my girls. I can't look at a man's shirt now without thinking whether it would be a cute dress or not. It's not...
  17. General Chat
    Here's a link on to a clip where actress/singer Tia Carrere talks about the $30 dress she bought and EBay and wore to the Grammys. I thought it was pretty cool:
  18. Weddings and bridal showers
    yesterday and I think that we have found the dress. I know it's not the best pic, but all I had was my phone. But from the first time she put it on, she just glowed. I told her, No matter how many dresses you put on, the one that is your's will just make you glow. There were other ladies...
  19. Secondhand Shopping
    What did everyone do with your wedding dress? Do you still have it or did you sell it? I sold mine several years ago for $50. I was glad I could make someone happy with it. I knew my dd would not be able to use it so there was no reason to keep it in a box taking up space. Call me...
  20. Frugal Living
    i saw this article and its something i have been looking into recently. i quite like the design too, it is something i would like to have. The woman in the article bought her wedding dress (brand new) for just £0.05p! plus 40.00 p&p...
1-20 of 97 Results