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  1. General Chat
    Ever have somebody that you love, but they drive you crazy? Argh.... We love to entertain, and we invite lots of folks to our home. They all seem to have a good time and to be comfy, and to be glad to come back when invited again. And they invite us to their homes, too. It's a happy...
  2. Pets
    OK, so, I finally broke down and got a pup last june.....I did it because I needed some company when all the kids were gone to school and hubby was gone to work. And the cute lil bugger needed a home! She was only 5 weeks when we brought her home and has been a awesome and smart dog! Then a few...
  3. Question and Answer
    Loud noises, anything that is loud, I do my best to avoid it.
  4. News you can use
    Surprise gain in retail sales drives stocks higher Stocks advanced on a Commerce Department report showing an unexpected increase in retail sales last month. </img>
  5. Automotive
    If you live in Southern CA, NYC or Wash D.C., you may be eligible for a 3 month test drive of a Chevy Fuel-Cell Equinox. GM will provide the vehicle, fuel, and roadside assistance, in return for feedback. I heard this on t.v. this morning (an automotive show my husband watches) and I looked it...
  6. General Chat
    You may have heard about this since it's been going on for a while. A college student in California has taken to living out of his pick up truck to pay off his debts:
  7. General Chat
    Sunday we went to town and of course DH was driving because he doesn't like my driving. :blah: Well, we were in the parking lot of Circuit City; we were leaving but the traffic to the main road was heavy and he couldn't pull onto the roadway. He decides to back up and go around to the back of...
  8. Leisure & Media Arts
    "Lonely" sung by Akon. I can't stand that song. Also the Gwen Stefani "Hollarback girl" Go BANANAS!  B A N A N A S! What about you?
  9. Christmas
    Every year I look forward to hearing wonderful Christmas music, both old and new. I go along singing in the stores, at home, in the car and just enjoying myself until IT comes on... IT affects me like someone running their fingernails across a chalkboard or scraping their fork against a china...
  10. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I have found doing test drives as a great source of extra cash or other rewards. I recently did the $75 Ford Mastercard test drive and was very surprised to have my prepaid mastercard come so quickly. Do any of you take test drives to get these rewards? :traffic:
  11. Family
    I am going to marry in August and we are already planning and organizing for the festivities ~ which is actually much fun and very exciting ~ if there wouldn't be my future mother-in-law!!! :( You know, my fiance Michael is her only child and because she is a very strong and dominant woman...
  12. Frugal Living
    He-he my family cracks me up, when it comes to some of the frugal changes I have made. Suppose I put it all on them at once and should of done a little at a time. My dd will say 'dang mom your smart" over alot of the stuff I have learned. But as for my dh lol somethings make him crazy. One...
1-12 of 12 Results