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  1. Easter
    this is how the conversation started with my 7yr old son last night after he saw how much "crap" (my word) his buddy Nathan got for Easter. My son was in tears because "Nathan always gets more". I tried the "more isn't always better", Nathan has a bigger family to help, etc but he heard none of...
  2. General Chat
    He is Risen! † I hope you all have a blessed day surrounded by family and friends!
  3. Easter
    What are your plans?
  4. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Continues through Weds, prints at kiosk when you swipe your card, $2 off $10 Easter purchase- helps keep the price of that candy down~!
  5. Easter
    What are folks planning? Is it a big family gathering? Or a quiet day of reflection? How will you keep it frugal? I have some ham in the freezer that I will pull out, and I am hoping for a sale on eggs next week. We love deviled eggs!
  6. Crafts for kids
    Anyone have ideas for unique Easter crafts for a small group of kids ages 7 and 8?
  7. Easter
    ok this was a gripe last year at Easter: Grnadma wants a ham with her homemade wine sauce we hate it ..we would perfer a ham pinapples...My daughter doesn't eat ham but I can always fry her a piece of chicken.. she also wants to make sweet pots and fruit salad which we won't eat..... we would...
  8. Make It Yourself
    Saw the other Easter wreath (which I love) and thought I'd share some easy ones that I made for those that like crafts and might like making these. I've made these in the last couple of years at different times. Have the stuff to do a red/white/blue for July 4th. ***btw I found the patterns for...
  9. Make It Yourself
    First of all I hope you can see my attachment its my first time trying to upload one I made this decoration for my front door.. it only cost me 5 dollars I had the eggs left over from Easter I bought a straw wreath at Michaels for 2.99 and I bought that weird shiny gift filler that I used...
  10. Easter
    Hi! I live in SWEDEN and love cards, have been in x-mas card exhanges in other sites and enjoyed it a lot. But I haven´t been in any easter card exchanges until this year when I put up my own threads here and in christmas talk. So is anyone interested?
  11. General Chat
    Happy Easter and Passover to all. Have a blessed day. ❤¨*•♪♫•*❤*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*❤*•♫♪•*¨❤ (\(\ ░░░░(\(\░░░░░(\(\░░░░░(\(\ ( -.-) ░░░( -.-)░░░░( -.-)░░░░( -.-) (,(")(") ░░(,(")(") ░░(,(")(") ░░(,(")(")
  12. Easter
    I know, I know, I will be moaning about this for months if it goes as badly as usual in the past few years, but as someone posted on another thread, life is too short, so I thought I would try this again. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I am having almost the entire family over for...
  13. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Seems to me I can remember getting flour and sugar for 99c a bag just a couple years ago. Sure, it was a 1-per-person deal, one day only, but it was there. And cream cheese for 99c, too, among other baking things. This year sugar is 1.98 and flour is 2.19. Cake mix and canned pineapple both over...
  14. Kitchen Basics
    I'm thinking of putting in a small leg of lamb. Undecided on the side dishes. You?
  15. Easter
    Thought this was cute. The Chicken!
  16. Easter
    Do you have some religious Easter celebration ideas/traditions? Here are a few of ours that we do somethings Jello poke cake White cake with red jello stripes symbolizing the blood that made use pure. Resurrection rolls Resurrection Rolls Recipe - Hard rolls on the table to...
  17. Easter
    Dont know If I can say that but though it would be fun. we could send what ever kind of easter eggs we can, Tell me what yall think.. I would not take alot of money to do and woud be fun...
  18. Secondhand Shopping
    Found a Easter Dress (fancy church dress) for Little Miss At a church garage sale ( unusual for them to occur at this time of year) She wanted a more grown up fancy dress. I found this compromise. It is cream with ruching in the bodice, empire waist with a black ribbon around it with a...
  19. General Chat
    happy easter to all!:grouphug:
  20. General Chat
    Easter is a very holy day for me and such a happy time. We start with hot cross buns and coffee for breakfast. Then we are going to church and then meeting family for a dinner. We each contribute to the dinner, so that no one is stressed over it. Won't be seeing the grandkids today as they...
1-20 of 180 Results