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  1. General Chat
    This is floating around Facebook, where they wanted me to click it and get an app so they can snoop through my info. Since I don't do Facebook apps, I looked it up online. I'm not even sure what all these are. I've crossed off the ones I've had. :hungry: 100 foods to eat before you die...
  2. Family
    A friend of mine has 3 children, the youngest is an 8 month old son who she has breastfed since birth. Her problem is he absolutely refuses to eat baby cereal or baby food!!! She's tried mixing the breast milk with the baby cereal, tried every kind of fruit and vegetable and he still refuses...
  3. Health challenges
    Anyone with me?? If I lose any more weight I think my family will have me commited. Was told I drink too much water... Eh? Me thinks it's just been everything on my plate... no one to cook for so I didn't eat 3 weeks a month... hubby going through chemo when he was home the one...
  4. Meal planning
    Just curious :) We eat it about 3x/month (twice when we eat at my in-laws' house usually - one of which is usually fish, and I usually make it one other time as well, usually chicken). When I was growing up, we had meat almost every night. Times sure have changed!
  5. General Chat
    I did all the cooking. But we had the following . We had 3 adults a teen and 2 grandsons. Turkey mash tater /gravy Green been casserole scalloped corn devil eggs home made noodles home mac/cheese stuffing rolls cheese cake chocolate pudding.
  6. Halloween
    So a question for you - when (if) your kids go trick or treating do you let them eat all of their candy? Do you monitor or try to control it at all? If you don't let them eat it all, what do you do with it? My sister just bought a bunch of her kids candy, but now she doesn't know what to do...
  7. Coupons
    I Used over 50.00 in coupons and saved over 100 dollars. What I bought Two packages of Organic frozen Broccoli Three packages of frozen potatoes Two bags of green giants frozen corn 4 Kashi dinners ( mayan dinner bake , MY FAVORITE) 1 lb, light life smart veggie grounds 1 package Masoya...
  8. General Chat
    Is maple syrup the new super food? - The Globe and Mail YEAH eat your maple syrup to bad to real stuff is so expensive!!!!
  9. General Chat
    I just happened across this article and it struck me so funny. Apparently my SIL is a criminal! LOL! She's got quite a little business going. She makes baked goods for her friends and their friends, and so on. These are people who want home baked goods, but just don't want to spend the time or...
  10. Healthy Cooking
    (I know this is long - if you get tired, read the end and kindly think on answering my questions? Thank you!) I recently realized just how bad my family was eating. I have read up on things like fast food and prepackaged before, but never took it seriously. I knew it was bad for us, but how bad...
  11. Question and Answer
    Or is it safe for a long time and just the texture which goes "off?" I found a roast at the bottom of my freezer and it is 19 months old!!!!!! I am so upset that I lost it in there. It was amongst my chard and rhubarb, my least used area.... LOL. But I am really choked about wasting that meat...
  12. Meal planning
    ok today I read the idea that most Americans are eating thier meals the wrong way around and that is leading to obesity. they eat thier small meals for breakfast and lunch and thier big meal at dinner (which is what we do also) but they should "eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch...
  13. Health and beauty
    Ugh. I LOVE Pumpkin everything---pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bars......oooh and pumpkin ice cream! I also love squash--but I like it with butter and brown sugar! I have been using sweetener, but it is not the same. I also like all of the apple treats that...
  14. Health and beauty
    Jessica Rabbit that is... Just wanna show off my new curves. I almost never count calories. All I did was drop all dairy,meat with legs, soda , HFCS and most processed foods. I look and feel better then I have in at-least 10 yrs. Oh and the dress was an 8 dollar bargain. So I guess I'm...
  15. Health and beauty
    If you were going to make yourself a list of things NOT to eat as part of a healthier diet, what would be on that list? I don't mean to lose weight, I mean just to be healthier in general. :hungry:
  16. Kitchen Basics
    Today looking at various site I came across this. (I didn't know some Tuna had high amount of mercury) Tuna and mercury. So if you are pregnant or have kids. Don't give them too much Tuna, especially if it is Albacore! If you weigh:***********Don't eat more than one can every...
  17. Health and beauty
    12 unhealthy health foods | Healthy Eating | Eat Well | Best Health How many of these are we all currently eating? I'll admit, I do love Booster Juice. I usually pick one with lesser carbs and use soy milk & add protein powder when possible. I usually pack veggies to eat beforehand to slow...
  18. Frugal Canadians
    Ok. AS much as I try to plan ahead I sometimes find myself (with kids) on the road with no food. And to far to get home. I have fund a few very inexpensive ways to grab a bite to eat and I will list them but, I am hoping you could share your solutions to this age old problem, and exxpand my...
  19. Kitchen Basics
    I found in my cupboard a can of vegetarian beans. The date on it I think is feb 07. Is that the expiration date or the made date? On the top of the can it reads F6H 07 12:59 2BPVB I might just make homemade baked beans instead.
1-19 of 219 Results