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  1. Utilities
    Ok, I know I'm a complete skeptical. We run propane for heat. Last year it about broke us. This year I said something had to change. So, we have a wood stove upstairs so I bought a ton of wood to heat our house. The problem is our downstairs now is freezing because the wood stove is...
  2. Utilities
    I can relate to the posts about high heating costs. I wish we could have a woodburner stove but unfortunately that isn't possible. In looking at alternative heating solutions I ran across this and wondered if anyone knew anything about this electric heater? From...
  3. Freebies
    Free booklet-"Marriage made in Eden" "Thank you for visiting our Web site. We hope you find that this resource offered on our program will be beneficial to you. Because of a limited supply of product, we are able to send only one copy per request. We are also...
  4. Household notebooks and home manuals
1-4 of 5 Results