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    Educators - Request FREE Teachkind Educational Materials Get your students involved in humane education with these exciting and informative books, magazines, comic books, videos, and DVDs. These materials are free to teachers, librarians, and other educators who are members of the TeachKind...
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    To be eligible to compete in the LEGO Smart Creativity Contest, you must be a teacher or employed in the education field.
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    I certify that I am a Childbirth Educator, RN, DONA, midwife or other healthcare professional who is actively involved in directing, coordinating and/or teaching at least 4 courses per year. * I certify that I will use and/or will encourage others within my organization to use the Family4Life...
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    Free~ Idea Book for Educators!! created by the Education Department at A&E Television Networks. [US]
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1-12 of 12 Results