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  1. Question and Answer
    Hello everyone! As of June 25th, I will be in an apartment all on my own and away from home! The apartment is $510/mo. It is a one bedroom/one bathroom with nice kitchen, dining area, and large living room. All is run on electric which I must pay for. Sewage and water are paid for already...
  2. General Chat
    Not sure where to put this so I've started the thread here. If this is the wrong spot, please move it to the correct one. Just wondering...I see all these wonderful recipes done in crockpots and keep hearing how wonderfully easy it is to use them but are they energy efficient to leave them on...
  3. Just Tips
    I hear radio ads where companies promise energy savings of 40% if you just buy their windows. This may sound great, but before you rush to the phone, you need to do your own cost analysis. Let's say you need 10 new Windows at a cost of $180 each installed. This means your total investment...
  4. Frugal Living
    The government of Ontario is refunding or waiving sales tax on energy star rated appliances for the next year. I got a $70 refund on my new fridge! If you are getting new appliances check it out - they will also haul away your old...
  5. Automotive
  6. Utilities
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  8. Green Living
  9. Utilities
    Our appliances are really starting to age and therefore probably not as efficient as they should be. We will definitely need to replace our freezer soon and our fridge.
  10. Kitchen Basics
    Before i went to my meeting this morning, i got the chicken in the crock pot, got out all the spices I will need for use later on with the potatoes i am going to do, shredded the cheese I need later *. And I made sure i had the other veggies i need. I got out the pots and pans i will need for my...
  11. Automotive
  12. Utilities
  13. Food Articles
    As a busy working mother, I’m short on time, especially during the holidays, but baking Christmas cookies is a family tradition I’m unwilling to give up. Over the years, I’ve come up with many ways to make the process of baking a large variety of cookies go much smoother and take less time out...
  14. Secondhand Shopping
    Walmart and the big K carry these for 5. something each or 2/9.99 . Welllllll...I found them at Big Lots for 3.99 each...the twister ones. So I got all the ones I needed...dh came home from work last week and said we should get them...I thought it would take me a few months to squeeze them...
  15. Green Living
    Lots of greats tips here to help safe our environment when it comes to using energy efficient appliances.
1-15 of 15 Results